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NTT DATA Services to Acquire Flux7

Today we announce the next evolution of our ability to meet the needs of our customers and employees: Flux7 is being acquired by NTT DATA Services. The past few quarters have seen record growth for us and indicate there is still significant need for architecting secure, adaptive technology platforms that help create business advantage through digital innovation and operational excellence. In order to better scale to meet this demand and continue to provide and expand quality services to our customers, we plan to join with NTT DATA Services, whose values and focus align with our own.

Flux7 Launches HPC Cloud Consulting Practice

We recently announced a new consulting practice dedicated to helping organizations take advantage of cloud-based High Performance Computing (HPC) to accelerate innovation. Derek Magill, Solution Architect at Flux7 who brings more than 20 years’ experience in HPC, leads the newly formed practice.

The new consulting practice augments Flux7’s proven experience with enterprises in a range of industries such as life sciences, manufacturing, semiconductor, and oil and gas, enabling organizations to plan, secure, build, modernize and scale cloud-based HPC infrastructure.

Flux7 Launches HPC Cloud Consulting Practice

Forrester | Predictions 2020 Cloud Computing

More than any other force, cloud computing has reshaped the business technology landscape. In 2020, cloud application, platform, infrastructure, and management vendors will battle fiercely for attention and dominance in a global war to win the loyalty of infrastructure and operations (I&O) pros and developers.

The cloud landscape has changed significantly in 2019, with new alliances, high-powered new infrastructure, and even more open source innovation. This report outlines Forrester’s five key predictions about the forces that will shape the cloud computing market for 2020.

Forrester Predictions 2020: Cloud Computing | Flux7

Medium | Serverless Computing and the Trend to Asset Lean

Serverless computing is a model where cloud providers like AWS, GCP, and Azure manage the server on behalf of their customers. Serverless computing abstracts yet another layer of updates, management and machine resource allocation away from the IT department as cloud providers dynamically handle these aspects for a consumption-based price.

In short, serverless computing is a new age in IT management and software development.

Written by Flux7’s Co-Founder and CEO, Aater Suleman and Cahit Onur, Senior DevOps Engineer.

CRN | AWS Standout Flux7 Goes Back To Founder's Roots With New High-Performance Computing Practice

Flux7 is launching a practice that helps customers—from university researchers to microprocessor designers to artificial intelligence developers—offload compute-intensive batch workloads to Amazon’s cloud infrastructure.

CRN Logo

Through the new practice, Flux7 will assess the business case for adopting cloud to power resource-demanding workloads, design and architect a solution on AWS, implement HPC clusters in the public cloud and then pass operational knowledge to the customer’s internal IT team.

Aspioneer | Flux7 Included in The 10 Innovators of Cloud Computing 2019

We are proud to be recognized by Aspioneer as one of their 10 Innovators of Cloud Computing 2019.

Flux7 excels in helping customers modernize their systems using cloud, containers, configuration management, and CI/CD. By working with us, enterprise organizations customers gain access to knowledge experts with technical skills and experience with concepts such as DevOps and Agile.

Flux7 Named Top 10 Innovators in Cloud Computing 2019

Flux7’s cloud enablement services help businesses to establish and scale digital platforms that create business advantage in disruptive markets. We collaborate with customers to build technology platforms that help foster growth by creating new products, new solutions and reaching new markets.


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Customer Success Stories

G6 Hospitality | Flux7 Customer Success Story

Featured Customer:  G6 Hospitality

Flux7 is a best-in-class partner who supports G6 in its strategic technology transformation with services such as an AWS Migration to a microservices environment in support of G6’s business goals. Flux7 knowledge transfer ensures that G6 Hospitality can effectively use, maintain, and extend its new systems. Flux7 knowledge transfer phases have helped G6 seamlessly move from legacy systems to AWS, retiring technical debt while keeping core systems running smoothly and efficiently utilizing financial resources.

“While in the building phase, we need people who are one hundred percent dedicated to the project, and that’s where the Flux7 team — and their AWS experience — came in. They have the know-how which allows them to work at increased speed, with decreased mistakes and greater throughput.”

Jessie Burgess, CIO for G6 Hospitality

Case Study:  Vision Graphics Grows Business, ROI with AWS-Powered Digital Transformation


With the acquisition of several companies over the past few years, Vision Graphics had acquired diverse systems that needed to be integrated and modernized. Having inherited technical debt that could not be ignored, Vision Graphics’s new Director of IT, Wayne Roesner, sought to grow the company’s agility and innovation in the process of a digital transformation.

Vision Graphics reached out to the Flux7 DevOps Consulting team for assistance modernizing its systems and building a digital transformation plan. Working together the teams identified a project where value could quickly be delivered, validating for management the collective team’s ability to modernize systems, freeing them from technical debt while simultaneously delivering significant customer and business value.

“The team at Flux7 was invaluable in helping identify a Bright Spot project, turn it around in record time, and achieve a specific business goal by securing a large new customer account. Flux7 is smart, efficient and unique in its ability to translate strategic business initiatives into tangible technology deliverables.”

Wayne, Roesner, Director of IT | Vision Graphics Inc.

Vision Graphics Case Study

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At Flux7, we’ve worked with handfuls of companies looking to apply automation within a DevOps model to achieve product innovation and digital business transformation. In doing so, we’ve unearthed seven common business drivers that when paired with DevOps can drive sustained gains.