Plan, Secure, Build, Modernize and Scale With New Technologies

Cloud Consulting

Improve and accelerate decision making and architectural design to maximize ROI and minimize risk.

Use proven insights, IP and best-practices to avoid common mistakes and automate security and compliance.

Security and Compliance
Build Your Toolchain

Infrastructure as code pipelines, toolchains, automation, and processes using new tools and technologies.

Rapidly replatform applications to the cloud, using repeatable processes and automation for scale, security, and efficiency.

Cloud Automation

Address Skills Shortages, Meet Application Modernization Goals

Inform your selection strategies for Application Modernization and Migration Services

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AWS Experts

“While in the building phase, we need people who are one hundred percent dedicated to the project, and that’s where the Flux7 team — and their AWS experience — came in. They have the know-how which allows them to work at increased speed, with decreased mistakes and greater throughput.”

Jessie Burgess, CIO for G6 Hospitality

Flux7 Named a 2019 Gartner Cool Vendor in Business and IT Services

We are proud to be recognized as a Cool Vendor by the world’s leading research and advisory company Gartner. Flux7 is one of only five vendors named in the Gartner report, Cool Vendors in Business and IT Services, published May 14, 2019. Gartner subscribers can access the report here.

The Gartner report notes: “These Cool Vendors are specialist business and IT service providers that offer innovative and disruptive approaches with value propositions that align with evolving requirements in a digital business world. They reflect the game-changing technologies in CIO agendas for 2019.”

Why work with Flux7?

Meet Goals Faster With Knowledgeable Resources

Gain access to deep knowledge of DevOps and AWS to deliver the best results possible. On-premises or private cloud infrastructure managers leverage our expertise to take steps toward more agile infrastructure.

Accelerated Results

Customers quickly gain value from infrastructure as code and IT modernization projects by using our proprietary DevOps methodology to focus and optimize decisions.

Build Skills While Building Systems

By architecting best practice-based systems and collaborating with your team every step of the way, customers gain the skills and understanding to maintain control and agility through new tools and approaches.

Tools of Choice

Using cloud, containers, configuration management, and CI/CD, our team of experts quickly create production-ready, secure, compliant and highly scalable solutions.

Create Your DevOps Toolchain

Rapidly adopt technology to achieve Infrastructure as Code and perpetual delivery and support of applications and workloads. Personalize our core DevOps toolchain to include your team’s favorites, or use our tried and true combination including AWS, Terraform, Cloudbees Jenkins and Ansible.

Drivers and Benefits of Flux7 Solutions

At Flux7, we’ve worked with handfuls of companies looking to apply automation within a DevOps model to achieve product innovation and digital business transformation. In doing so, we’ve unearthed seven common business drivers that when paired with DevOps can drive sustained gains.