Cloud Implementation Services

Meet customer demand with secure, scalable, compliant infrastructure

Cloud Attune is our solution for organizations looking to outsource their infrastructure set up and optimization to experienced cloud consulting specialists. Cloud Attune helps organizations gain access to best practices and certified consultants to rapidly progress cloud infrastructure projects including:

  • Replatforming of existing
    cloud infrastructure
  • Lift and shift
    cloud migration
  • Greenfield cloud
    infrastructure set up
  • Specialized


Determine business, IT and development needs, create a solution design; an actionable blueprint.


Our engineers deliver a finished infrastructure for application deployment.

Knowledge Transfer

We’ll ensure your team understands how to use, change and extend the infrastructure.


Manage your own DevOps-based infrastructure.

Our certified consultants and DevOps experts will build a customized cloud architecture that meets your unique business needs using

DevOps best practices and strategies to create efficient workflows and reduce costs.

Deployment automation services to easily deploy and scale applications and databases based on time or load to help ensure uptime.

Security best practices including Virtual Private Cloud and VPN tunnels to secure your infrastructure and meet compliance requirements.

Templates to simplify provisioning and management.

Having the right infrastructure in place takes away our concerns about providing a scalable, stable environment that lets us deliver the optimal customer experience.

Andre Yanes, CTO of Pinshape, 3D printing community and marketplace

Cloud Attune solutions include an automated dashboard to ease infrastructure maintenance, optional tutorial to help you understand how to use use your cloud platform and realize the benefits of web services.

With Cloud Attune, Flux7 helps organizations to create a framework that supports business continuity by developing a stable, secure, compliant and well-documented infrastructure.

Replatforming, Optimization
Learn more about how we can improve infrastructure performance, security and elasticity with replatforming.