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Toyota Research Institute: On-Demand Self-Service Portal for Data Scientists to Process Data Sets


Arthur Mandel from Flux7 and David Fluck from Toyota Research Institute explain how they leveraged the power of AWS P3 GPU instances and Service Catalog to create an on-demand self-service portal for their data scientists to process data sets quickly and securely. Find out how to use Service Catalog products and trigger them on-demand to create P3 compute clusters to process machine learning data sets.



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Customer Success Stories

An S&P 500 research and advisory company aimed to maintain its market leadership position and gain the advantages of a high availability, high uptime service running in Amazon Web Services. With over 400 applications to be re-platformed or re-factored, 200+ apps were identified as systems of innovation and differentiation.

With stores located all over the world, this retailer continues to expand geographically.  It also seeks to expand its digital innovation and technology leadership. To do so, they embraced digital transformation, starting with a migration to the cloud. Doing so required the move of hundreds of applications from different on-premises platforms.

With a flexible software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, this company was interested in working with expert AWS consultants who could validate its AWS roadmap. It had a monolithic application it was hosting in AWS but knew it wasn’t taking advantage of the benefits AWS provides. As a result, Flux7 assessed its AWS operations and formulated a DevOps plan to further automate its Development and Operations in AWS.

TN Marketing wanted to stay on the frontline of security, ensuring its web applications were protected while reducing security management. Using AWS Systems Manager the teams created an AWS Systems Manager document. In this case, we created an automation document process flow for baking AMIs. Now with the push of a button from the AWS Console,

This wholesaler sought to increase uptime, scalability, and security for its eCommerce applications by refactoring them for AWS DevOps.  Employing the DevOps consulting team at Flux7 to help architect and build a DevOps platform solution, the team’s first goal was to ensure that the applications were architected for high-availability to meet their aggressive SLA goals.

The transition to becoming an Agile Enterprise is one that touches every part of the organization — from strategy to structure and process to technology. In our journey to share the story of how we at Flux7 have moved through the process, today we will discuss how we have adopted specific supporting technologies to further our agile goals.

We help enterprises design, architect and implement business technology platforms that support digital transformation and business optimization.

Through a combination of consulting servicesagile delivery, and advanced cloud technology and integration solutions, Flux7 helps enterprises define and execute a practical and progressive roadmap that helps create business advantage through digital innovation and operational excellence. 

Flux7 specializes in best practice application modernization with custom and templatized deployments for secure and rapid deployment. From replatforming to refactoring, we help you start one workload at a time, providing a framework that ensures best practices are automated, creating efficient systems that speed time to market.


Our DevOps consulting team helps you easily use cloud-native services to speed the migration process and maintain consistent adherence to security, compliance and governance requirements.

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Forbes Technology Council


How To Deliver On The Promise Of A Digital Business Transformation

Whether you think of digital business transformation as enabling worker productivity, managing business performance through data, or exceeding evolving customer expectations, it can be tempting to embrace it by building digital things. Yet, this approach misses a big piece of the puzzle. While digital services might be the mechanism by which you address business and market needs, ultimately, they are not enough in and of themselves. To truly address customer and business needs, a digital business platform — a technology foundation from which to work — is required.  Read the article written by Aater Suleman, CEO, and Co-Founder at Flux7.  Aater is a Forbes Technology Council.

NTT Data Services

NTT DATA Services has Acquired Flux7

We’ve joined with NTT DATA Services to better scale and meet the demands for architecting secure, adaptive technology platforms and continue to provide and expand quality services to our customers.

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