Aater Suleman

Aater Suleman
CEO & Co-Founder

Aater Suleman is co-founder and CEO of Flux7, an Austin-based cloud and DevOps consultancy helping organizations to modernize IT infrastructure and processes and advanced their knowledge for business agility and efficiency. After starting his career in hardware architecture and performance optimization, Mr. Suleman has spent nearly a decade working at the forefront of cloud technology. He is a frequent speaker at DevOps and cloud development events. Mr. Suleman continues to serve as a member of the faculty of the University of Texas, Austin and ensures Flux7 consistently invests in research, development and testing of new technologies for the benefit of Flux7 clients. Mr. Suleman holds certificates as an AWS Associate Solutions Architect, AWS Associate Sysops, AWS Technical Accreditation, and AWS Business Accreditation.

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