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About Us

Join Us In Our Mission to Accelerate Innovation

We help enterprises use game-changing technologies to innovate. 


Many businesses struggle to find the right mix of talent, experience, and flexibility, putting them at risk to fall behind deadlines, lose market share and efficiency, or operate with security vulnerabilities.


Our cloud enablement services help businesses to establish and scale digital platforms that create business advantage in disruptive markets. We collaborate with customers to build technology platforms that help foster growth by creating new products, new solutions and reaching new markets.


Customers accelerate adoption of cloud-native architecture and methodologies such as DevOps and Agile, eliminating delays and errors from inexperience. We collaborate with customers to reduce incidents, non-compliance and outages through automation.


We simplify complexity, reduce your risks and help you focus on ROI.  Join hundreds of enterprises on their journey to transform IT. Accelerate with Flux7.

We Teach You to Fish

We bridge the gap between a managed services environment and independent system management. By architecting best practice-based systems and collaborating with your team every step of the way, we enable DevOps training to maintain control and agility by managing your own systems. Our flexible add-on services mean you take off the training wheels when you are ready.

The Agile Mindset

Our Agile teams work to understand your business needs, and using Agile frameworks, address your specific challenges and opportunities. Applying Agile principles, our engagements result in enhanced quality, and greater predictability as a result of increased visibility and communication– all while providing flexibility to change priorities when circumstances change. Flux7’s Agile approach delivers strategic value through faster times to market, more predictable cost structures and a strong IT platform for future initiatives.

Our Knowledge

Flux7’s Enterprise DevOps Adoption Framework provides a practical, proven approach to DevOps adoption that helps prioritize projects, pace transformation so that skills can be absorbed by IT teams with minimal disruption, and accelerate time to value. Our DevOps methodology starts with a best-practices foundation and a high degree of automation. Unlike most organizations, our goal is to establish the systems and transfer the knowledge to you, so that our customers can operate their systems independently for maximum agility and innovation at their own pace. 

Our Services

Move Ideas from Inception to Business Value.  Companies and IT teams that suffer from inconsistent processes, reduced performance or slow progress toward goals expose the business to elevated risk. What may seem like technological progress in cloud migrations or managed service models may be a strategy that fails to address key shortcomings, migrating inefficiencies and failing to connect to real outcomes.  Learn more about all of our services.