Welcome to Flux7

What Makes Us Different

Enterprises bring solutions to market faster and provide better customer experiences with Flux7 services and technologies for extreme automation. Gain access to knowledge experts in cloud, containers, CI/D and configuration management to adopt approaches including DevOps and Agile, in order to improve the security and efficiency with which IT services are delivered. Flux7 customers accelerate DevOps adoption/IT modernization projects through our modular service structure and Enterprise DevOps Adoption Framework and platform which provides guidelines and principles to consistently meet business and technical requirements.


Our technology recommendations are made with one principle: what is is the customer trying to achieve and what is the best solution to get them there? As such, we’ve made the decision to not act as resellers, or as managed service providers. Our solutions are unique, created to meet each customer’s desired outcomes.

Our Knowledge

We are DevOps experts helping businesses to create modern IT systems and workflows that bring their ideas to life. Our engagements provide fast time to value by focusing on shortening time to market, creating stable, secure systems and increasing the efficiency of technology service delivery.

AWS Experts

While we help customers with on-premise and private cloud solutions, early on we made the decision to become AWS consulting partners and gain deep knowledge on a single platform exclusively in order to deliver the best results possible. We’ve continued that focus and help customers take advantage of the latest AWS services and best practices that come from hundreds of projects.

Remote First

We’ve designed our organization to be remote because we believe it helps us deliver efficiencies, access talent and provide a better customer experience with rapid, high-quality results. The best talent isn’t all in one city and usually, neither are our customer’s teams. By prioritizing remote delivery, our DevOps team have become experts at getting the right decision makers to the table and cataloging decision for better communication. Using cloud, containers, configuration management, and CI/CD, our team of experts quickly create production-ready, secure, compliant and highly scalable solutions.

Accelerated Results

Our laser-focus on AWS, and our development of a proprietary DevOps methodology. helps customers quickly gain value from DevOps and IT modernization projects. Optimized design planning services span two weeks, and delivery is typically within 8-10 weeks, getting you to results faster.

Tools of Choice

Using cloud, containers, configuration management, and CI/CD, our team of experts quickly create production-ready, secure, compliant and highly scalable solutions. In order to ensure we have the latest product roadmaps and connections for customer success, we’ve created partnerships with organizations that we believe deliver best of breed solutions.

We Teach You to Fish

We bridge the gap between a managed services environment and independent system management. By architecting best practice-based systems and collaborating with your team every step of the way, we enable DevOps training to maintain control and agility by managing your own systems. Our flexible add-on services mean you take off the training wheels when you are ready.