Accelerate Growth With Automation, Continuous Integration, And Cloud

Flux7 White Paper

Independent research firm Forrester recently published a report by Brian Hopkins and Ted Schadler aimed at helping enterprises to adopt technology practices for scaling growth and revenue through insight and improved customer experience.

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Why tech leaders must embrace technology that engages and adapts with customers- In this stage of technology maturity, it’s time to innovate with technology to serve customers across the entire customer life cycle, mastering systems of engagement and insight.

Key tenants of building technology platforms that deliver speed and flexibility  – Why tech leaders must strengthen their tech platforms to provide end-to-end scale and agility by investing in technologies like automated, continuous integration, and cloud. And, why tightly integrated solutions on a single vendor’s stack won’t work across customers’ ecosystems.

Why automating and scaling zero trust security is critical. Tech leaders advancing their technologies face increased complexity — making security even more important than ever. They must respond with automated breach detection and response and scale identity management for internet of things (IoT) devices.


Why Flux7?  Enterprises gain fast time to value from Flux7 cloud implementation, automation and DevOps consulting services and solutions. Bring ideas to life and shorten time to market with modern IT systems and workflows that scale, secure and increase the efficiency of technology service delivery.  Flux7 Premier AWS Consulting Partners provide insight and expertise from 300+ DevOps projects.

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Accelerate Growth With Automation, Continuous Integration, and Cloud

July 15, 2019