Accelerate Time to Market with DevOps

DevOps organizations are able to issue 200 times more frequent deployments than their peers.

A high level of developer productivity and output has clear business advantages — especially when the quality of that output grows in parallel. Whether your customers are internal or external, increased developer productivity has the ability to propel innovation, achieve first-mover status, and grow customer satisfaction — all of which deliver a competitive business advantage.


At Flux7, we help you speed your time to market through our patent-pending Enterprise DevOps Framework which features:

Automated Pipelines

Flux7 can help you automate and optimize code delivery, configuration, infrastructure and security pipelines which speed time to market through greater productivity and fewer errors that can be introduced by manual processes. Automated deployments also provide consistency that makes it easier to deploy new environments globally, quickly reaching new markets.


Container-based microservices provide teams greater independence and agility by allowing developers to focus more on creating and delivering code, and less on coordination with other team members as they can focus on a discrete service, independent of the work of other teammates. This, combined with a smaller, simpler code base allows developers to easily identify issues in code, and quickly update the service — both of which make product delivery faster and of a higher quality.

Self-Serve IT

Faster time to market is achieved through self-serve IT which allows developers to access and self-provision the most commonly requested assets directly from a service catalog. These assets which are pre-configured to meet IS and IT requirements, allow developers to skip the ticketing process and move directly to development work.


Security as Code delivers built-in best practices to operate at the speed of business, with guardrails to ensure compliance and risk. We use advanced AWS services to automate monitoring and alerts so you can ensure compliance with company and industry policy.

The Flux7 Enterprise DevOps Framework

Collaborating with hundreds of companies over the years as they have gone through the DevOps transformation process has put us in a unique position to understand our customer’s challenges and opportunities when it comes to IT modernization. We’d like to share that journey with you and provide some examples of how advanced cloud services can provide greater, truly transformative efficiencies and reduce dependencies on third parties.

Following is a view of a more traditional IT framework; from here we can compare and contrast the Flux7 Enterprise DevOps framework (EDF), a model for marrying DevOps process improvement with digital transformation.