Achieving Global IT Service Delivery

The challenges that come with extending global reach are varied and can be complicated.

Companies wrangle with everything from effectively reaching new markets while managing peak demand across time zones to managing performance for customers and employees around the world. They must manage all of this while meeting regulatory compliance across governmental entities and ensuring the security of their global systems.


Globalization presents unique opportunities that must translate into strategic technology solutions. With DevOps experts situated around the globe, Flux7 AWS experts are steeped in the technology and processes needed to take advantage of today’s global opportunities.



Increase Global Reach | Flux7

Specifically, Flux7 key technical components for achieving global reach are:

Amazon CloudFront helps distribute content at the edge, speeding up content delivery by offering it to Web surfers from edge locations near them. By delivering cached content quickly to users, companies can effectively meet the demand for internal and external customers.

Data management ends up being one of the major issues both syncing the data for shared environments and separation for environments that need to be independent for compliance reasons. A custom strategy needs to be developed according to the unique needs of each customer.

AWS Lambda is used to keep cross-regional artifacts and data in-sync and to centrally manage cross-region CI/CD pipelines.

AWS Regions and Availability Zones are selected to provide the best performance and failover for maximum uptime. Edge Networks can also be used for optimized delivery.

Containers like Docker are used to package software which runs on top of the infrastructure.

Flux7 applies a layered security approach, combining policies across technology layers with an encrypted channel to securely retrieve data regardless of the communications channel.

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