Address Skills Shortages, Meet Application Modernization Goals

A Forrester Report

Modernizing legacy applications can be costly, full of risk and an essential part of evolving to meet the needs of digital transformation. Legacy applications are part of the value chain and often contain essential data and functionality, creating a roadblock to scaling business modernization.

Developing the skills and competencies for delivery staff can take time, and the learning curve can lead to mistakes that impact security, time to market and efficiencies.  

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•  What are the skills most needed for successful application modernization?

•  For which capabilities do analysts recommend partnering with vendors?

•  Which vendors specifically address the modernization and migration services market?

Forrester’s recent research sheds light on the challenge enterprises face in modernizing applications and strategies to address skills shortages for long term agility.

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Forrester Report: Address Skills Shortages, Meet Application Modernization Goals

July 16, 2019