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Infrastructure Assessment

Determine business, IT and development needs, create a solution design; an actionable blueprint

Tailored Assessment Delivers Right-Sized Technology and Business Architecture

Moving to DevOps powered by technologies like AWS or Docker means making many important decisions. Whether it’s a migration, greenfield opportunity, or new infrastructure, like microservices, asking the right questions is critical to driving the ideal outcomes.

Our proprietary assessment methodology was designed by Aater Suleman, PhD and his team of DevOps experts to turn the ‘art’ of assessment and design into a decision science. With a full decision support framework that guides the Flux7 Labs assessment, we not only ask you questions about your desired outcome, business needs and technical requirements, but explain the pros, cons and impacts of each decision along the way.

Flux7 Labs Proprietary Assessment & Design Services

Flux7 Labs consultants then take the output of this extremely valuable and powerful information to design the ideal architecture for you. Because we are not resellers, and we are not providing a managed service, our recommendations are 100% focused on your requirements. Indeed, we are lauded for our tailored solutions that don’t force you into a box or cookie cutter mold, but rather are focused on creating the most efficient infrastructure possible that automates operations, streamlines and enhances development, and supports specific business goals.

“Now the company itself owns the infrastructure, as opposed to being owned by the infrastructure.”

Kevin Ready, General Manager,

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IT Modernization

We create a well-architected design from which businesses can expand their IT modernization at their own pace, while maintaining ownership and control of their infrastructure. Within your specific context, our next generation computing platform blueprints are designed to flexibly:

  • Speed the delivery of applications and digital business capabilities to meet new opportunities head on.
  • Empower developers and improve developer productivity, spurring innovation and software release quality.
  • Scale IT capabilities seamlessly and on-demand
  • Leverage new technologies to maintain operational performance
  • Transform IT and development with a DevOps approach.
  • Use automation to increase agility, decrease security risks and ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Meet every client’s unique situation and business needs to Attune a tailor-fit solution that transforms IT.

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