Architecture for Scalable Web Sites and Web Apps

Scale websites to handle high amounts of traffic gracefully, without degradation of performance or downtime

Whether you’re building a scalable web app, starting a DevOps proof of concept, or running a shorter term marketing campaign and want to ensure reliability, our strategies leverage the latest technologies with unique architectures to help ensure high uptime, security and overall customer experience.


Flux7 helps you navigate AWS web services and third party tools and design and implement solutions to take advantage of the newest solutions to increase scalability through efficiency and automation.

Improve Efficiency of Existing Systems and Processes

Leverages strategies such as edge locations and caching at multiple layers to increase capacity without adding resources. Take advantage of AWS native services like Amazon CloudFront to serve common requests without impacting compute resources. Use Amazon Elasticache with Redis or Memcached between apps and databases to cache regularly accessed data and achieve sub-millisecond response times.

Increase Automation to Quickly Add Resources to Meet Demand

Implement Infrastructure as Code to increase, and reduce capacity automatically through AWS autoscaling. Or, create push-button processes using technology like CloudFormation templates and Service Catalogs to quickly provision resources to meet predicted spikes in demand.

Hardened Security

Protect against DDoS attacks and security breaches, protect privacy with Security by Design principles.



Enable horizontal scaling in databases by increasing size or adding more nodes.