Secure Infrastructure for Service, Code and Data Delivery

Balancing regulatory requirements and productivity for competitive advantage

Financial services face a balancing act of security, compliance and risk on one hand with greater agility, innovation and productivity on the other. Within this highly competitive and regulated marketplace, financial services must find ways to navigate what at first may seem competing demands.

Flux7 AWS consulting team has worked with a wide variety of financial institutions to simultaneously meet these goals in a way that effectively balances security and innovation with distinct business benefits.

Flux7 financial services engagements focus on driving productivity for
competitive advantage, designing, building and empowering organizations by:


Improving Audit and Security Processes

AWS automation and Docker container technology streamlines the audit process while hardening security posture and IP protection


Easing Compliance Requirements

Predefined infrastructure and processes make complying with standards such as PCI and meeting Sarbanes Oxley requirements simple


Ensuring Availability and Scalability

Highly available, scalable infrastructure provides reliability and consistency of service to internal and external customers


Reducing Time to Market

Modernized IT architectures that provide greater development agility and faster, higher quality code releases using models such as microservices and CI/CD


Streamlining Maintenance

Improved operations through best practices-based cloud infrastructures


Increased Security

Meet compliance, privacy, governance and security requirements consistently with security rules, automation and monitoring.



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