Secure Infrastructure for Service, Code and Data Delivery

Leveraging New Technology in Financial Services Organizations Provides Business Advantage

Financial Services organizations are tasked with managing risk to achieve optimal outcomes for their financial resources. Extending this capability to the infrastructure that supports the business, we help create a balanced approach to achieving innovation using new technology in financial services firms approach delivery services and gaining operational efficiencies.

Flux7 helps financial services firms simultaneously achieve IT transformation that supports innovation and optimizes delivery through DevOps and software-defined infrastructure. We assess, architect and deploy secure, compliant and reliable IT systems that support growth.



We build pipelines that deliver technology services with a “Security with Agility” approach. By building security in, we are able to effectively increase security and compliance without slowing down the engineering teams’ work.

For example, within microservices architectures, Flux7 implements HashiCorp Vault (both on-premise and supporting public cloud infrastructure) for static and secret management, applying automation and tight security controls for risk reduction, increased visibility and greater agility.

AWS Service Catalog


Flux7’s focus on automation and self-serve IT allows developers to move faster within the confines of a secure system, which means that they can deliver new products and services to market faster.

Tools like AWS Service Catalog and AWS CloudFormation improve productivity by enabling fast, consistent AWS provisioning, in the process freeing resources by reducing or eliminating repetitive tasks and hands-on requests.

Compliant Architecture


Good security helps drive compliance and by building security in, Flux7 delivers a foundation for simultaneously building in compliance-specific requirements.

From PCI to EU Data Privacy standards, Flux7 is known for its secure, compliant architectures that mitigate risk and meet goals such as protecting personally identifiable information, and keeping company data safe.

High Availability of Systems

Every minute of downtime can cost a company significantly — from lost business to lost customer satisfaction. As a result, Flux7 helps financial services firms build robust infrastructure designed to ensure high availability of systems. Flux7 helps ensure that your products and services are accessible and available regardless of peaks in traffic or demand, or downtime events. Through DevOps driven automation, financial services firms are able to grow availability by removing risk inherent in manual processes.


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