AWS Migration Factory for Systems Integrators

Enterprises are rapidly embracing Amazon Web Services infrastructure, leading to pent-up demand for application migration. To help increase the success and speed of AWS migrations, Flux7 has created AWS Migration Factory Design and Build Services for Systems Integrators.

Flux7 AWS migration services help SIs to:


Focus engineers on the client relationship and application migration process


Streamline data collection and architectural decision making process


Quickly design best-practices based architectures

Speed migrations by providing templates to meet the unique needs of the enterprise


Why Flux7

Flux 7 specializes in AWS architectural design, demonstrated through hundreds of successful implementations. Our goal is to enable organizations to get onto, and using, AWS fast. Our focus on the front end of implementations – rapid design and setup of AWS infrastructure- complements managed service providers and large systems integrators and helps provide enterprise customers with a complete, long-term solution.

Flux7 is an award winning IT consultancy based in Austin, Texas. We provide remote cloud enablement and IT modernization services to organizations around the world.