AWS Migration Services

Build a Right Sized Migration Factory

Enterprises ready to migrate to Amazon Web Services infrastructure face hundreds of critical questions that can affect the progress of even seemingly simple proof of concept projects. To help increase the success and speed of AWS migrations, Flux7 has created AWS Migration Services for enterprises who want to learn “how to fish” and plan to take control of their infrastructure and also improve their environments along the way.

Our service is recognized by AWS with the Migration Consulting Partner competency.

Enterprise AWS Migration Services

Help enterprises identify applications and workloads best suited for POCs
Use our proven methodology to collect the right business and technical information to efficiently create architectural patterns to meet your requirements
Quickly design best-practices based architectures
Speed migrations by providing templates to meet your unique needs

We help you create a service catalog to speed the migration process and maintain consistency in security, compliance and governance requirements.

Case Studies

Fortune 1000 Retailer Increases Global Agility, Availability and Market Competitiveness while Maintaining PCI Compliance

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Read how we helped a large manufacturer create templates for migrating best-practices based infrastructure’

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Why Flux7

Flux 7 specializes in AWS architectural design, demonstrated through hundreds of successful implementations. Our goal is to enable organizations to get onto, and using, AWS fast. Our focus on the front end of implementations – rapid design and setup of AWS infrastructure.

Flux7 is an award winning IT consultancy based in Austin, Texas. We provide remote cloud enablement and IT modernization services to organizations around the world.

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