AWS Migrations: Automation, Accuracy and Efficiency

Accelerated Migration, On Your Terms

Enterprises are faced with managing modernization at the pace they can support organizationally and cloud-savvy leaders are choosing a strategic approach to workload migration. We partner with organizations wishing to retain control of their systems, and help them to create a migration plan that meets their need to test, learn and evolve modernization as their team’s skills and business confidence grows.

Flux7 specializes in architectural design, that accommodates hybrid private and public cloud strategies and meets the governance, compliance and security needs of highly regulated industries.


Migrate with confidence with a recognized AWS Migration Consulting Partner.

We help you start one workload at a time, providing a framework on which to build that ensure best practices are automated, creating efficient systems that speed time to market.

Our designs help you easily use complex services like AWS Service Catalog and AWS Server Migration Service to speed the migration process and maintain consistent adherence to security, compliance and governance requirements.

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AWS Well Architected Reviews

Ensure your application infrastructure includes the latest AWS architectural best practices

As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, we are conducting AWS Well-Architected Reviews for one workload in your IT infrastructure, at no cost. Flux7 will help apply the new AWS Well-Architected Framework to ensure your cloud architects are building the most secure, high-performing, resilient and efficient workload as possible, as based on AWS best practices and our experience with over 300 enterprise AWS DevOps projects.

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AWS Well-Architected Reviews, Flux7


5-Part Series: Strategies for a Large-Scale Cloud Migration

A cloud migration, and the ability to take advantage of cloud benefits such as greater agility, scalability and enhanced security, is often seen as a primary way that organizations can positively affect change and create greater productivity at optimized cost. Yet, there are many approaches to large-scale cloud migration, which can be overwhelming, especially for large enterprises with a myriad of business-critical applications. As a result, Flux7 has created a series of short papers designed to walk readers through creating a custom approach to their own cloud migration strategy, in support of strategic business change.

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Case Study: Mass Migration to AWS For Renewable Energy Leader

Flux7 Case Study Mass Migration for Energy Leader

In this Case Study we explore how Flux7 helped a renewable energy leader that had two parallel goals it wanted to achieve. First, it wanted to use a cloud migration as an opportunity to overhaul its business processes. Among the benefits they hoped to achieve were increased developer agility, global access for their workers and to save on capital expenses. Additionally Amazon Web Service’s data center had certifications this company did not currently have. Secondly, in the migration process, this organization looked to build standardization.

Download the Case Study here to read how Flux7’s AWS migration experts reviewed critical data about the applications to be moved, and designed push button deployment frameworks which were then used to quickly select and stand up new environments, allowing the client’s DevOps team to focus their efforts on specific applications and not the foundational policies that are part of the AWS automation.

Article: Container Powered AWS Migration in Action

Flux7 Case Study Mass Migration for Energy Leader

In this article from A Medium Company, Aater Suleman, CEO and Co-founder of Flux7, talks about how containers can help with migrating workloads to AWS and how Flux7 specializes in Docker and containers that migrate workloads to AWS.

Read “Container Powered AWS Migration in Action” here.

Blog: Urgent AWS Migration Shows Need for Automation, Preparation, Flexibility

Flux7 Case Study Mass Migration for Energy Leader

Flux7 worked closely with a customer who underwent a business transformation. As a multimedia equipment manufacturer, the organization has a loyal following of its high quality devices. However, like many companies facing the convergence of markets and new customer demands, the company has embarked on a metamorphosis. Traditionally very focused on hardware, their software was largely ignored even though it offered customers real value. Part of the company’s transformation was a move to treat their software like a full-fledged offering, rather than a free supplement. An upcoming product release marked the first (and biggest steps), in cementing this change in company direction.

Read the Blog here to discover how Flux7 ushered the organization through an IT transformation and AWS migration in support of the company’s transformation.