AWS Service Catalog Consulting

Building A Service Catalog For Self Service IT

Service Catalog Best Practices From Design to Implementation

Improve developer, operations and line of business productivity by enabling fast, consistent AWS provisioning. Free critical resources in IT and development by reducing or eliminating repetitive tasks and hands-on requests.

Flux7 AWS consulting partners work with you to identify and define the most frequently used service requests. We code these most common IT solutions using AWS CloudFormation, and usher these IT services through your internal approval process. You’ll gain push button deployments that remove bottlenecks and are meet specifications, every time.

Flux7’s AWS Service Catalog Service Benefits

Meet business requirements consistently

Create repeatable deployments of IT services that meet business requirements, helping to increase end-user productivity.

Increase internal customer satisfaction

Enable self-service IT needs, and help people get the resources they need when they need them, to keep work moving forward.

Help create a culture shift

IT can serve more people, faster without help tickets or change requests.

Stop juggling plates

Get ahead of the curve, grasp the opportunity for strategic leadership and business impacting work.

Develop catalogs of IT services

Serve large portion of the organization by including everything from virtual machine images to servers, and software to databases and complete multi-tier application architectures.

Reduce risk

Consistency in builds reduces risk, helps you achieve consistent governance, and meet both external and internal security requirements.

Case Study: A Service Catalog Example at a Healthcare Innovator

In implementing this HIPAA-compliant microservices architecture that includes AWS Service Catalog, the healthcare provider is able to achieve more for the business through automation which results in higher productivity, more security and ultimately greater business responsiveness. Building a service catalog decreases the risk in that products are fully vetted for security and compliance while consistency in developer environments also serves to reduce risk and help them achieve consistent governance for both HIPAA and internal security compliance.

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Our AWS Service Catalog Solution Delivery Process:

1. Design: We conduct an assessment to understand business requirements, learn more about the organization’s most frequent IT service requests, and how they fit into the overarching business and technology landscape, and create a roadmap for customers to meet business requirements.

2. Build: Post assessment, We implement the AWS Service Catalog design, build and approval plans ensuring security, compliance and other best practice considerations are built into each Service Catalog item.

3. Empower: Finally, our goal is to empower customers with the knowledge and technology to be able to manage and extend the solution on their own. We’ll conclude with complete knowledge transfer where your team undergoes training on the newly built AWS Service Catalog platform giving them what’s necessary to succeed in their business goals.

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