IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review

By Flux7 Labs
January 14, 2019


A new year is a time for new beginnings; yet many organizations are kicking off the year with an ongoing search for talent that will aid them in their cloud migration. According to a recent survey by OpsRamp, 94% of polled IT organizations have experienced challenges finding candidates with the right skills and experience, noting that it can often take longer than a month to find suitable candidates. And the skills gap had 25% waiting three months or more to find skilled candidates. The most sought after skills in 2018 are likely no surprise…

According to job board DICE, the skills trend skewed heavily toward the cloud and containerization of apps and services with Kubernetes and Terraform ranking as the two most requested tech skills. The popularity of these skills in particular underscores enterprises’ ongoing interest in Azure and AWS cloud migration for storage and compute.

This data is backed up by Redgate Software’s Third annual State of Database DevOps Survey. Eighty-five percent of the organizations surveyed reported they have either adopted DevOps, or have plans to do so in the next two years, with a majority of respondents (52%) saying they plan to move to fully automated database DevOps within a year, a figure that rises to 83% for those that have already adopted DevOps across all their other projects.

DevOps News:

  • Red Hat announced GA of Red Hat Ansible Tower 3.4. This newest version of its enterprise framework for automating across IT operations includes workflow enhancements including nested workflows and workflow convergence. According to the company’s new release, the new workflows are designed to simplify challenges inherent in managing complex hybrid cloud infrastructure. Specifically, with Red Hat Ansible Tower 3.4, users can now define one master workflow that ties together different areas of IT and a hybrid infrastructure without being stopped at specific technology silos.
  • Our DevOps consulting engineers were interested in this Jenkins blog on Triggering builds with webhooks behind a secure firewall. In his post Michael Neale illustrates how to run Jenkins behind a firewall and still receive webhooks in real time from Conveniently, he shows us how you can generalize this to other services too.

Flux7 News

Check out the latest article by our CEO, Dr. Suleman, in Forbes on the Comon Assumptions To Avoid When Starting With Kubernetes. Kubernetes has many benefits. From the ability to move from test to production with a single click to load balancing and service healing, it is a powerful tool that organizations are understandably eager to adopt. However, increasing the speed of development and deployment should not be an end goal in and of itself but rather a means to achieve specific business goals. Plan for the common skill, agility and cost assumptions that Dr. Suleman outlines in his article, and you’ll avoid the missteps of those who have gone before you, starting out on the right foot with a solid plan for success.

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