5 Cloud Advantages You Didn’t Think About

By Flux7 Labs
June 27, 2014

Given the hype surrounding cloud computing, the benefits of it are not unheard of. However, if you’re a newbie to the cloud, you must know these five things about cloud computing. It will make your life easier.


The current era of technology looks at computing as a utility that is available when needed.

The first significant feature of cloud computing is its pay-per-use feature. Whether it’s processing, memory or storage, you no longer have to pay for more than what you need. Typically, you can predict your operational costs because you pay based on your demand.

Yet, another interesting point is this: No more CAPEX. Given that there are newbies thinking about using the cloud, the absence of an upfront payment is a plus.

Sounds Interesting, doesn’t it? Wait! There’s more!


Have you ever had the misfortune of facing these issues?:

  • My website is reaching a large group. Will it be available for the expected 10k users?
  • Will my website shut down because of a traffic spike?
  • Traffic to my site is low at the moment. However, I still have servers (more than needed) running!
  • Is the current spike in traffic affecting the load times of my website?

The one-stop solution for all the above questions is to use the cloud. Why? The straight-forward answer is that cloud computing allows you to spin up or shut down instances within minutes (yes, minutes!). It doesn’t matter if it’s a single instance running your application or 1,000 instances that deal with data in the order of peta or tera.

Disaster Recovery

Mistakes are inevitable and so are backup plans. How often have you felt the need for a backup and restore strategy? We tend to think of one when we finally see the light of day, waking up only to find our website down or hacked. (Too late!)

However, with traditional systems, a disaster readiness plan is not only time consuming, but is also money consuming.

Cloud services provide easier and effective solutions to disaster readiness. Given the innumerable mishaps you are bound to face with your application, website or software, the cloud is THE solution for an efficient disaster recovery plan.

(Read here to understand why a disaster readiness plan requires continuous testing.)

Reduced Time to Market

Have you always looked for new ideas and innovations, unleashing the creativity inside of you? But how often does it go full cycle?

Two possible reasons to consider for not chasing new ideas are the cost to implement the idea and the time it takes to get it done.

The cloud, though, makes things simple. It accelerates the entire development process. It helps you keep your eye on costs. Deployment is no longer spoken in terms of years or months. The cloud drastically reduces time with its flexibility and accessibility. It’s the right path to take if you consider yourself an innovator.

BYOD Policy

Cloud computing highly favours the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy. You no longer need your employees to work on specific devices or systems at specific places, which in turn also provides location independence. This makes a global presence for an organization easier, while not compromising security or compliance.

Go Green

A final tip for all eco-conscious guys: Cloud computing reduces carbon emissions at high levels. It could be a major contributor to a greener environment. How’s that added benefit?

Now that you have learned about some of the advantages of cloud computing, let’s keep the conversation going. Tell us what you think about cloud computing and how you are using it. Let us know at info@flux7.com, Or, find out more today about how we provide solutions using the cloud for both SMBs and large enterprises.