Announcing Flux7 AWS Landing Zones for Enterprise DevOps

By Flux7 Labs
November 1, 2018

At Flux7, we have extensive experience as a DevOps sherpa to organizations and in the process have learned a lot, including creating a DevOps model for success — called the Enterprise DevOps Framework, or EDF — a key element of which is the Landing Zone.

Landing Zones play an important role in any organization’s transition from a traditional Development – IT Operations framework to a cloud-based DevOps model as they provide much-needed efficiency, standardization, and governance. As a result, Flux7 today announced Flux7 Landing Zones on AWS. With IP based on proven successful deployments, Flux7 Landing Zones are a cloud implementation service that provides enterprise customers with a rapid route to a secure foundation in AWS.

Should you first like a little more background on Landing Zones, please refer to our blog introducing the Enterprise DevOps Framework, a key component of which is the Landing Zone.

Or, download our paper on Getting Started with Landing Zones.

In working on hundreds of AWS DevOps projects, we’ve come to find that some of the biggest challenges enterprises face are overcoming integration and scalability challenges. Landing Zones help address many of these challenges — from security to skills gaps — with lessons learned and best practices built in. In the process, enterprises benefit from a modern infrastructure and knowledge transfer that allow them to simultaneously meet technical and business goals.

About Flux7 AWS Landing Zones

Flux7 Landing Zones on AWS can be used to launch an initial DevOps pilot project, to facilitate a mass AWS cloud migration, and to achieve Enterprise DevOps at Scale. A Premier AWS Consulting Partner, Flux7 Landing Zone solutions build on AWS native services to deliver configuration-as-code, automated provisioning, infrastructure design and deployment guidance, and includes essential services and production accounts to enable organizations to quickly and securely adopt, implement and operate their AWS environments.

Based on experience with over 300 infrastructure projects, the Flux7 Landing Zone solution includes multi account deployment and setup, network design, hardened security and pipeline creation and automation. Landing Zones can be customized to meet enterprise compliance requirements.

Choosing the Ideal Landing Zone

Depending on your needs, a common enterprise grade landing zone, or a customized DevOps at Scale landing zone may be a better fit for you. If you are just getting started and looking for a pilot landing zone, a common enterprise grade solution may be a good starting point. However, if you are looking to simultaneously address DevSecOps and Network domains, a customized DevOps at Scale solution is a better fit for your needs.

Organizations are at different stages in their IT modernization efforts. Yet, no matter if you are just beginning the journey or looking for ways to help get further down the road, Flux7 AWS Landing Zones will help facilitate your goals.

For a deeper introduction into Flux7 Landing Zones, schedule a call today, or download our paper on the topic.

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