Austin Docker Meetup Focuses on Developer Workflows

By admin
March 17, 2014

At Flux7 we are very interested in Docker as a technology and the new capabilities it can add to the DevOps world. To further explore what Docker can do in the hands of brilliant programmers we started a Meetup in Austin to discuss Docker.

March 13th, 2014 was the second Docker Meetup we’ve had, where we discussed how Docker can be used to improve developer productivity flows. Our CEO Aater Suleman opened the talk with a Docker tutorial. Followed by Ken Demarest the CTO and cofounder of AppSoma who provided an architecture level discussion on how Docker works in their flow. Finally, Aater presented on our own implementation of developer workflows using Docker in conjunction with Chef.

The tutorial started with the explanation of Docker architecture as a low-overhead process isolation mechanism mimicking a VM. Aater explained how a Dockerfile works and some of the most common commands including diff’ing two containers and versioning of containers. He also mentioned some cool tricks one of which was to debug in Docker first and then move to the actual environment, when debugging a Chef recipe,