AWS Case Study: Scalability, Availability & Security in Healthcare

By Flux7 Labs
June 2, 2017

We work with a variety of healthcare companies and recently had the opportunity to work with one who brings the fun of fitness to customers. This firm pairs motivational workouts with gamification elements to ensure that its customers attain health and fitness.

This healthcare company called the AWS experts at Flux7 as it had a fitness goal of its own–to introduce a new robust online service for its customers. It was already using AWS in its organization and knew that it wanted to use it as the foundation for its new service. With Flux7, this firm designed a blueprint solution that would help it attain its scalability, uptime and security goals.

One of the firm’s challenges is that it expects the new service to grow from tens of thousands of requests every hour to a sum five times that. So, the team designed the solution to both scale up to meet peaks in demand and ensure the service could load within milliseconds. To do so, the team implemented AWS Auto Scaling in conjunction with CloudWatch. CloudWatch actively monitors, alerts and takes action when the firm’s Amazon EC2 instances reach a certain utilization threshold; CloudWatch takes the automated action to use Auto Scaling to dynamically add Amazon EC2 instances to ensure service availability. And, when demand decreases, the inverse automatically occurs.

In addition to scalability, this healthcare company also has high uptime expectations. To facilitate uptime, the teams used AWS CodeDeploy to automate new code deployments to any instance, helping avoid downtime during application deployment. And, CodeDeploy helps automate service updates, eliminating human error that could lead to downtime.

In addition, Flux7 helped this healthcare organization create a failover environment through the use of two Availability Zones. Now, should something happen to the primary zone, the secondary zone will continue to deliver the service to customers. For further details on this customer’s implementation, please read the full AWS case study here.

The new service from this healthcare company has already become an integral part of people’s daily routines. And, this firm wants to keep them as active (pun intended) as possible with the new service. To ensure customers do so, this company brought in the AWS experts at Flux7 who helped it design and build the new service with uptime, scalability and security at its core.

And, importantly, with a swiftly growing customer base, Flux7 coached the firm on how to use the advanced AWS features that ensure ongoing scalability and availability. Today this healthcare firm is ready to extend its new infrastructure as it grows its user base and adds new features and functionality.