AWS Case Study: TechnipFMC Migrates SharePoint Sites to the Cloud

By Flux7 Labs
May 31, 2017

We are excited to announce that one of our customers, TechnipFMC, a world leader in project management, engineering, and construction for the energy industry, has been featured as an AWS case study. TechnipFMC had a specific challenge they were looking for help with when they called the AWS consultants at Flux7. Specifically, they were looking to ensure security and compliance for its global sites and the perimeter networks that support its client-facing applications.

To help accomplish this goal, TechnipFMC wanted to create a consistent, self-service solution to enable its global IT employees to easily provision cloud infrastructure and migrate externally facing Microsoft SharePoint sites to the cloud. The company wanted to migrate the sites incrementally, at its own pace, and without causing service disruption. (You can listen in as TechnipFMC’s John Hutchinson shares the experience at re:Invent. Mr. Hutchinson is Director IT Infrastructure/SCTS Group IT Cloud Manager at TechnipFMC.)

Additionally, the company wanted to build a foundational process for future SharePoint migrations. The experts at Flux7 advised TechnipFMC that AWS Service Catalog was the right approach for its SharePoint migration. (Note that Flux7 is an AWS Service Delivery Partner for AWS Service Catalog.)

Pairing SharePoint with AWS CloudFormation, consultants at Flux7 built service templates which were themselves built with input from the security team, so that security and regulatory compliance requirements were built in. Flux7 also trained the TechnipFMC team to manage the AWS Service Catalog solution to facilitate future migrations.

John Hutchinson notes in the case study,  “Through the use of AWS Service Catalog, we will require fewer resources to make everything operate in the cloud, compared with our traditional data center model. And we will only pay for the resources we use, instead of paying for new hardware that we might not even use. Overall, we’re excited about the future. We are a cloud-first company, and we look forward to relying on AWS more and more as we grow.”

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Written by Flux7 Labs

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