AWS re:Invent 2014: Something in the Cloud for Everyone

By Flux7 Labs
November 11, 2014


Amazon Web Services’ re:Invent conference this week in Las Vegas will have something for every cloud provider.

The Flux7 team is there in full force building on its strong AWS Advanced Consulting Partner relationship. We’re there to soak in all we can to continue successfully helping launch startups into a self-managed mode of business agility. Each team member’s eyes are wide open and ears finely tuned to the developing conversations that will be forged and shared

And, it’s a good thing, too. There are those depending on us to do just that.

One of our customers recently told us that he’s not going to this year’s re:Invent. We obviously asked why. He said, he doesn’t have to, because we are. Now, that’s a testament of satisfaction and confidence in the AWS consulting we have been diligently bringing to the table!

Tech Teachings to Fireside Chats

So, here’s what we’re excited about at re:Invent 2014:

[click on the session title below to learn more about each one]

  • Black-Belt Networking for the Cloud Ninja. This expert-level networking discussion is ideally suited for Flux7 to attend. Many of our cloud solutions have been focused on creating robust architectures. So, we are looking for this session to take our AWS networking skills to the next level.

  • From One to Many: Evolving VPC Design. Now, this session encompasses an important part of our newly-available Cloud implementation architecture, which we addressed earlier in this blog. It’s a great opportunity for us to better understand the features and flexibility of Amazon VPC architectures and the complex design requirements that come along with it. Especially as clients are adopting this more and more.

  • See How Amazon Redshift is Powering Business Intelligence in the Enterprise. This could be ground-breaking for us and our clients. It’s a great technology that’s become available at a game-changing price. We know some of our larger clients can take advantage of this very quickly.

  • Architecting for HIPAA Compliance on AWS. With agility buzzing around the healthcare industry nowadays, Flux7 is immersed in many HIPAA-compliant projects. We’re looking for this session to deepen our knowledge of how to align our clients’ AWS workload to the structure of HIPAA security. These practical applications will be valuable.

  • CTO-to-CTO Fireside Chat with Dr. Werner Vogel. The Amazon CTO will be leading the discussion with many technology gurus from startups, such as our very own Flux7 tech leaders. We’re anticipating some exchanges that will fan the flames of this fireside chat and deliver some heat that will help our startup clients use technology to reshape their businesses.

Recounting Past re:Invent Events

Last year, the second annual AWS re:Invent, was the Flux7 team’s foray into the all-star world of cloud architecture. We came away from the conference with a couple feathers in our cap thanks to having a major enterprise customer featured at the show and receiving an honorable mention for one of our earlier products. You can read about that early milestone here.

Overall, the 2013 event highlighted numerous capabilities, an all-star roster of enterprise capabilities and new services. In 2012, AWS’ conference turned heads largely because of the enterprise heft and the realization that Amazon’s fast-growing business unit wasn’t some side venture.

Fast forward to today, and this year’s version of AWS’ conference will have three elephants in the room:

  • Google’s rapid build out of its cloud platform, aggressive pricing and scale.

  • Microsoft’s ability to roll out features, navigate the hybrid cloud via partnerships and building in hooks from Windows Server, System Center and other on-premises tools to Azure.

  • An investment community looking for answers to questions about, you guessed it: spending, products, and the upcoming holiday shopping forecast

One thing is certain: AWS is powering Amazon’s expansion moves as well as any other cloud-enabled services. AWS also happens to be powering a lot of enterprises and startups with its compute, storage and various offerings.

Flux7 is there to take it all in, then dish it all out to our clients.

Tuning in the Cloud

While our team is sharing our own real-world successes we’ve documented building cloud infrastructures, we will also tell the story of our cloud implementation service.

Recently launched, Cloud implementation is part of a three-pronged service that starts with a cloud audit, assessing your infrastructure against your business needs, and ends with you self-managing your cloud infrastructure. We designed this service to help businesses get the functionality they need, without getting locked into managed service contracts or needing to hire architecture domain knowledge.

If you are unable to visit us at booth #132 at re:Invent, you can learn more now about our cloud services here.