AWS Summit in San Fran: A Bevy of Breakout Sessions that Excites Our Flux7 Team: Security, HPC & Certifications

By Flux7 Labs
March 24, 2014

After my post last week about using AWS in the cloud, I thought I’d share the sessions at the upcoming AWS Summit in San Francisco that have us excited. These sessions are heavily influenced by my own interest coming from my role within Flux7 and the technology development I work on both internally at Flux7 and for our professional services clients.

Of the first set, a few sessions caught my eye. There are several items being talked about that are of interest to Flux7, especially with performance optimization, cost optimization and deployments. However, the session most relevant to myself is “Cloud Adoption: Understanding AWS Security.”

Recently, we were in talks with a fortune 100 company for a PoC. While they were very impressed by our past work and wanted to use our services, their legal department hadn’t signed off on AWS as a place to put sensitive customer data. In fact, their legal department showed concern over the security and liability guarantees coming from Amazon. As I mentioned in this post on why Enterprises should consider moving to the cloud, AWS has certifications from the government, finance, healthcare and multimedia companies. I know they can meet any requirements the legal department has, but we were not ready with an immediate response and so AWS was canceled for the PoC. So, it is extremely important for me to know what the process for these certifications is. Especially with myself leading the company’s effort on Enterprise engagements.

In the second group of sessions, I am split between two that are very compelling. The first is the session on “Big Data and HPC: Uses and Best Practices For Amazon Redshift.” RedShift is Amazon’s petabyte scale database competing with multi-million dollar products coming out of Teradata and Oracle. It is a compelling technology at a very compelling price and several of our clients can benefit from using it. While we have used it at Flux7, I’m extremely interested in learning more about it, especially the best practices and customer case studies.

The other session that has me interested is “Cloud Adoption: IT Extreme Makeover with Hybrid Scenarios.” As consultants, we are brought in by a director or higher level project manager to make their life easier. To do that, we have to be sure to directly relate the technical work we’re doing with the value to the business in how it will impact the bottom line. As such, I’m interested in this session for refreshers on the topic.

In the set that interests me the most, is the session by Trend Micro on Security. In the final group, I am looking forward to “Architecture Deep Dive: From One To Many: Evolving VPC Design.” Both these sessions are about catering to the security needs of an Enterprise organization. Because I am currently managing our Enterprise deployments, I need to stay on top of the latest happenings in this area.

I’ll create a follow-up post detailing our learnings from the event. Unfortunately, I’ll have to miss the sessions on handling APN and AWS Marketplace. Although, I’m happy in my strategy of convincing Aater, our CEO, that he needs to be there.

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