Benchmarking: Analysis of r3 Instances Using FIO

By admin
June 24, 2014

r3 benchmarking FIO

In a recent post, we benchmarked ‘r3’ instances using CoreMark. We also did disk bandwidth benchmarking on other AWS instance families: (‘i’ instance family, ‘c3’ instance family, and ‘m’ instance family).

Today, we are sharing the same benchmarking done on ‘r3’ instance types using FIO. ‘R3’ instances are the new generation memory optimized instances family offered by Amazon AWS. You can get more details about this instance family here.

We have used FIO for benchmarking the instance store disks. In this case, they are SSD drives. The benchmarking methodology is described here. We have ensured that the load is evenly spread across all the drives.The following table shows the results for Disk I/O benchmarking.

r3 bandwidth

FIO Performance

FIO Performance per hour

We also compared the disk I/O bandwidth for specific I/O operations type in the following table. All units are in KBytes/sec.

r3 IO operations

disk bandwidth IO operation

You can see here that when it comes to random I/O, r3.2xlarge and r3.4xlarge offer nearly similar bandwidth.

We hope these benchmarking results help you make the right choices. Let’s continue the conversation. We’d like to hear about some of your findings. Send me your inquiries at Or, get more information by visiting us at

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