Change is Good: Flux7 Blog New & Improved

By Flux7 Labs
July 29, 2014

It’s time for a change. Undoubtedly, for the good.

8718123610_09e70f6d90_bWith the help of movers, migration officers, technicians, and a lot more good souls, Flux7’s blog site has now successfully moved to Our previous home was at

Okay, so I know were overstating things a bit. But, it’s official. Now, you need to make a note of the change!

You may ask: What’s different? Then let me tell you.

At first glance, you will see that the design and layout haven’t changed much. However, here’s what you can look forward to seeing that’s new:

  1. Exciting offers! That includes links to free webinars, white papers, and a lot more DevOps and Cloud resources.

  2. A complete compilation of industry updates about DevOps and the Cloud — all in one place!

  3. The mission of helping you understand the significance of Devops and the Cloud.

And, there’s a whole lot more of what we previously offered:

  1. Tutorials

  2. Best Practices

  3. Benchmarking

  4. And more stuff!

In addition, we know you should be appreciated for your loyalty to our blog. In that vein, we are going to acknowledge and reward you!

Curious? Stay tuned … especially if you are a DevOps and Cloud fanatic! We’d be disappointed if you miss any of the awesome stuff we have in line for you.