Customers & Employees Thrive in Flux7 Remote Workforce Corporate Culture

By Flux7 Labs
April 19, 2018

Over the years I’ve found myself saying that any given job is comprised of two things: what you do and who you do it with. And, at Flux7, we’ve been able to incorporate the best of each of these into our corporate culture. We are privileged to do challenging and rewarding work alongside some of the brightest, most team-oriented people in the business. How do we achieve this mix? Through a communicative, proactive and collaborative culture starting with this tone being set from the top.

At Flux7, every member of our team is committed to being available to each other during the workday; we are encouraged to ask questions; and we make it a habit to try to go above and beyond, emphasizing humility, innovation, and transparency.

Innovative Work Culture

While our clients hire us to help them innovate for a variety of business reasons, we pride ourselves on meeting (and beating) expectations — both those set for us by our clients and by ourselves. We are open to new challenges and value creative problem solving to address them. We think that finding new ways to work more efficiently and effectively helps everyone focus less on tactics and more on delivering strategic impact.

For example, our team has created innovative new approaches to a wide range of business processes — from streamlining customer assessments to improving internal IT process automation and marketing lead flow — we strive to remove inefficiencies that keeps us from going above and beyond expectations.

Culture of Humility

Being humble is about being respectful of everyone’s opinion regardless of the circumstances, being open to feedback, and always striving to learn and improve yourself. We firmly believe that mistakes are an opportunity to learn; rather than penalize mistakes, we see each mistake as a new opportunity to improve our company. Recognizing that there is always room to learn, grow and improve, Flux7 employees are open and receptive to feedback, and often proactively seek it out, and give it to others with respect.

This level of respect and teamwork in learning and growing together extends to celebrating each other’s successes and encouraging each other. Whether it’s an upcoming certification or even a challenging marathon, Flux7 employees encourage each other.

Culture of Transparency

At Flux7, we think of transparency as the recognition that nothing great is ever done in a silo. It is about sharing information proactively and owning your decisions. Our employees are equally ready to share the rationale behind a decision, regardless of who asks, as they are willing to ask a question themselves. As a result, at Flux7, we have a commitment to open communication and are not afraid to ask for help. We proactively share what we learn, especially if it makes someone else’s job easier.

Although achieving this level of transparency and collaboration may seem anathema to a remote workforce, we have established technology and processes that help embed a culture of transparency into our organization. For example, we use tools like Slack and Trello, for communication and sharing everything from simple greetings in the morning, to project updates and pictures from the weekend.

While we can promote a culture that embraces humility, transparency, and innovation, our success ultimately comes down to individuals who find value in collaboration and working as a team. Starting at the most senior level of the organization, Flux7 executives share everything from humble observations to family vacation photos and they actively solicit and answer questions at quarterly all-hands meetings. Flux7 management leads by example, actively encouraging communication and listening to new ideas.

All of these cultural attributes combine to create an extremely positive workplace environment that is nurtured every day by Flux7 employees. While working in a remote environment has its challenges and rewards, everyone at Flux7 understands the company’s direction and understands how both team and personal goals contribute to that direction, keep each of us challenged, engaged and involved. With an amazing team of people who truly enjoy working together, and challenging, rewarding work, Flux7 has uniquely combined the best of both ‘what you do and who you do it with’ in its corporate culture.

Don’t just take our word for it! Join our team and see our transparency, humbleness, and innovation in action for yourself.  

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Written by Flux7 Labs

Flux7, an NTT DATA Company, is the only Sherpa on the DevOps journey that assesses, designs, and teaches while implementing a holistic solution for its enterprise customers, thus giving its clients the skills needed to manage and expand on the technology moving forward. Not a reseller or an MSP, Flux7 recommendations are 100% focused on customer requirements and creating the most efficient infrastructure possible that automates operations, streamlines and enhances development, and supports specific business goals.