DevOps Consulting Services Provide Greater Long-Term Benefits

By Flux7 Labs
March 7, 2019

Flux7 DevOps Blog DevOps Consulting ServicesThe technology field is experiencing a real pinch when it comes to finding skilled talent. In fact, over five million IT jobs will be added to the global economy in the next 8 years, according to BusinessInsider. With companies already struggling to fill these positions, many teams find themselves in need of extra man hours to achieve their team goals and business objectives.

In our experience, the need for additional skills and sheer manpower is often coupled with IT modernization projects designed to help the business achieve greater market advantages. We often field phone calls from organizations in this position. Most seek help in the form of greater bandwidth that will help them complete a business or IT project.

While we do help throughput, at Flux7 we offer a lot more. We are passionate about our DevOps consulting approach: we bring depth of expertise to help our clients design, build and manage DevOps based cloud computing projects while teaching them how to fish. Unlike some firms who focus on simply providing temporary headcount for a fixed fee, at Flux7, we expand your team’s skill set while embedding automation that creates a virtuous cycle of greater efficiency and productivity.

The long-term value of this approach benefits our customers in several ways. Let’s look at a few key angles to this approach:

  1. A Deep DevOps Expert
    As DevOps consulting service specialists, at Flux7 we have a team of consultants who can address a wide variety of public cloud needs. From building an AWS Landing Zone to AWS Security by Design, we can handle one-off, rarely encountered questions. Flux7 offers detailed advice and training throughout our projects, helping with everything from AWS new account setup and migration to AWS Well Architected Reviews, analyzing existing systems health.

    With hundreds of such projects under our proverbial belt, we can help you avoid pitfalls, reduce risk, and correctly prioritize. Having been there ourselves many times, this means that instead of simply following a pre-written course of action, we proactively alert you to potential pitfalls, saving resources that are better spent on the next project or phase.

  2. Interchangeable Experts
    Flux7 offers a bench of skilled consultants that can (and will!) be called upon to offer expert input as needed. Unlike “body shops” that often assign engineers to projects as they come in (which may mean that even they don’t who you’ll be working with until the project is assigned), Flux7 dynamically calls in resources as they are needed, providing customers with the right resource at the right time. In the end, customers have access to a far bigger pool of experts. Working in such an agile fashion translates into greater innovation and a faster time to market for our customers.
  3. Long-Term Relationships
    Unlike temporarily added headcount, our approach creates a tight feedback loop with the customer. We collect data as we go, taking an Agile approach to projects. And, we actively teach as we go, ensuring customers have hands-on experience with the tools and processes they’ll use in the future. While some firms will often take an assignment, complete it, and check back in afterward, Flux7 enables customers to extend and manage their new infrastructure well into the future. This approach is favored among our customers and leads us to build long-term relationships with two-thirds of our customers signing on for additional projects and phases.

These three approaches all work together to help upskill your team, providing employees with necessary capabilities that can help alleviate the need for additional talent. With Flux7, teams learn in a practical, hands-on environment, culminating in the ability to effectively take ownership, managing and extending the solution moving forward.

In addition, Flux7’s strong emphasis on DevOps automation benefits customers by expanding throughput and capacity. By creating pipelines for things like continuous integration and delivery, we are able to reduce system friction and eliminate manual hand-offs that consume unnecessary human resources. In the process, we are able to free teams from tactical, repetitive tasks to focus on strategic, business-impacting work. Thus, speeding time to market, generating greater innovation and freeing time for even more IT modernization.

Flux7 is focused on helping its customers build a virtuous cycle of greater productivity and efficiency, fueled by automation and upskilling. In tandem, these benefits contribute to greater long-term business value than simply hiring additional bandwidth as customer teams are able actively grow and build upon a solid foundation, allowing them to more quickly reach their IT modernization goals. Whether it be faster innovation, greater agility, or enhanced globalization, the Flux7 approach to DevOps consulting services has proven to be a highly successful model.

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