DevOps Foundation for Digital Transformation: Live GigaOm Webinar

DevOps Foundation for Digital Transformation: Live GigaOm Webinar

By Flux7 Labs
September 25, 2019

Join us on October 9th at Noon from the comfort of your desk as we bring you a free 1-hour webinar on how to scale DevOps efforts beyond the pilot and deliver a real foundation for innovation and digital transformation. Hosted by GigaOm Research analyst Jon Collins and Aater Suleman, CEO and co-founder of DevOps consulting firm Flux7, the discussion will share how to effectively create a DevOps foundation and scale for success.

Specifically, attendees to the Webinar will learn:

  • Causes underlying some of the key challenges to scaling DevOps today
  • A starting baseline for achieving the benefits of an enterprise DevOps implementation
  • How to link DevOps improvements with digital transformation goals
  • Trade-offs between technical, process automation and skills improvements
  • Steps to delivering on the potential of DevOps and enterprise agility
  • How to make a real difference to their organizations, drawing from first-hand in the field experience, across multiple transformation projects.


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We all know the strategy — transform the enterprise to use digital technologies and deliver significantly increased levels of customer engagement and new business value through innovation. Key to this is DevOps effectiveness, that is, how fast an organization can take new ideas, translate them into software and deploy them into a live environment.

But many organizations struggle to get beyond the starting blocks, coming up against a legion of challenges from skills to existing systems and platforms. Innovation speed and efficiency suffer, costs rise and the potential value does not materialize. So, what to do? Join our Webinar and learn new skills for scaling DevOps efforts beyond the pilot to deliver a real foundation for innovation and digital transformation.

Join us and GigaOm as we explore how to scale a strong DevOps foundation across the enterprise to achieve key business benefits. Interested in additional reading before the presentation? Enjoy these resources on AWS DevOps, DevOps automation and Agile DevOps and be sure to subscribe to our DevOps blog below to stay on top of the latest trends and industry news.

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Written by Flux7 Labs

Flux7 is the only Sherpa on the DevOps journey that assesses, designs, and teaches while implementing a holistic solution for its enterprise customers, thus giving its clients the skills needed to manage and expand on the technology moving forward. Not a reseller or an MSP, Flux7 recommendations are 100% focused on customer requirements and creating the most efficient infrastructure possible that automates operations, streamlines and enhances development, and supports specific business goals.