DevOps West: Docker Fundamentals Jumpstart

By Flux7 Labs
May 16, 2017


Docker is becoming a cornerstone of DevOps architectures with its lightweight, portable, “build once, configure once, and run anywhere” containers. And, for all those who would like to get a jumpstart on building their Docker skills, Flux7 CTO Ali Hussain will be presenting a half-day tutorial workshop on Docker fundamentals on Tuesday, June 6th at the DevOps West Conference.

The conference will be held June 4 – 9 in Las Vegas, NV and will explore the latest solutions, technologies, and tools in software development. Docker, a mechanism for low-overhead virtualization, fits this description in spades as more and more developers are turning to its container technology to create isolated environments in a single machine without imposing a performance overhead.

In this workshop, Ali Hussain will share his first-hand knowledge to help organizations learn to streamline workflows, speed up product releases, and reduce hardware investments. To do so he will discuss the basics of Docker concepts, terminology, commands, must-know features, and real-world examples of Docker projects. Moreover, Ali will dive into ways to optimize developer workflows (code delivery) and create multi-tenant applications—all while improving the quality and speed of software releases and spending less time coding.

For some pre-show reading on Docker best practices, head on over to our Docker resource page. And, for practical advice from real-world case studies using Docker:

Can’t make it to Vegas? Our CEO, Aater Suleman, will be presenting at DevOps East in November or you can always find the latest DevOps tips, tricks and analysis here at our blog.

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