DevSecOps: Achieve Cloud Security

DevSecOps: Achieve Cloud Security

By Flux7 Labs
February 7, 2020

Business often views innovation at the speed of the market and system security as opposing forces. Yet, it’s not necessary to sacrifice one for the other. Agility and security can be simultaneously achieved in the cloud with development, operations, and cloud security best practices. What are these cloud security and DevOps best practices? And, how do you build them in to securely propel the business forward? Achieve cloud security with this balanced perspective in a new white paper: Effectively Balance Your Organization Between Security and Agility.

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According to the 2019 NTT Security Risk: Value Report, 84% of business leader respondents say that strong cybersecurity is important to their organization, listing cyberattacks, loss or theft of data, and cyberattacks on critical infrastructure as three of their top five business risks. Yet, progress on cybersecurity has stalled.


To move you forward, we created a handy AWS Security Checklist. It will help you assess the security of your cloud workloads. In it, our DevOps team outlines 11 key questions, each of which allow you to build-in and scale security, gaining visibility to give you system confidence.

Assess your AWS cloud security

Achieve Compliance

Organizations also have active security requirements (e.g. regulatory compliance ) with firm deadlines. DevOps automation helps achieve these goals as well. While traditional security methods do not scale to DevOps based cloud approaches, new elastic platforms that use different design principles do. These platforms include elements like AWS, immutable containers, infrastructure as code, and continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD). In this new landscape, the perimeter has a new definition and security policies are automated. This new landscape presents opportunities for continuous, automated auditing rather than periodic deadline-driven audits.

Security and agility are complementary ideas. And while neither is optional, we recommend a balanced perspective. Focus less on doing cool new things in security. And, focus more on how to be effective and efficient with the security processes and tools already in place.

Building Security with Agility will allow you to create secure environments without slowing down the engineering teams’ work. In turn, this allows security, development, and operations to deliver on their key goals for the business.

We’ve created two tools to start you on the path to cloud security and IT modernization. Download your copies today:

Written by Flux7 Labs

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