Docker Tutorial Series, Part 1: An Introduction | Docker Components

By admin
May 2, 2014

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Docker, the new trending containerization technique, is winning hearts with its lightweight, portable, “build once, configure once and run anywhere” functionalities. This is part one of Flux7’s Docker tutorial series. As we move forward, together, we will learn and evaluate how Docker makes a difference, and how it can be put to the best use.

Let’s learn Docker and nail it in less than six to seven weeks.

This part deals with the basics of Docker: its features, concepts and installation to get you onboarded with Docker.

Docker Features


Docker offers quite a number of interesting features which you will better understand as we maneuver through the tutorial series. However, a short list of docker features include:

  • Extremely fast and elegant isolation framework

  • Inexpensive

  • Low CPU/memory overhead

  • Fast boot/shutdown

  • Cross cloud infrastructure

Docker Components & Elements


Docker has three components and three basic elements. Check out this video to get a quick grasp of the Docker components and elements, and their relation to one another.