Dr. Suleman to Keynote October 15 IDC Keynotes & Cocktails Event

Dr. Suleman to Keynote October 15 IDC Keynotes & Cocktails Event

By Flux7 Labs
September 26, 2019

We are proud to announce that Dr. Suleman, CEO and co-founder of DevOps consulting firm Flux7, has been chosen to keynote the upcoming IDC Keynotes & Cocktails event in Austin, TX on October 15th, 2019. Dr. Suleman will address how to adopt DevOps in an AWS cloud migration, while IDC presents its latest DevOps research.

Organizations looking to modernize their applications to move them into the cloud are increasingly using DevOps to get the work done faster and with higher quality. Attendees will hear case studies of complex cloud migrations to AWS, where organizations refactored and re-platformed legacy applications to optimize them for the cloud. Specifically, Dr. Suleman will share:


→  Drivers for scaling DevOps across the enterprise

→  What can go wrong (and right), in A Tale of Two DevOps Transformations

→  Successful automation in AWS cloud migrations

→  And much more.


Interested in learning more?  Contact our event concierge today.


Cloud Migration Strategies

A cloud migration, and the ability to take advantage of cloud benefits such as greater agility, scalability and enhanced security, is often seen as a primary way that organizations can positively affect change and create greater productivity at optimized cost. There are many approaches to large-scale cloud migration, which can be overwhelming, especially for large enterprises with a myriad of business-critical applications.

At Flux7, we have created several resources to help support you through the process of creating a custom approach to your cloud migration strategy, in support of strategic business change.


Addressing IT Governance in Cloud Migrations

Using Factories to Accelerate Cloud Migration Success

AWS Landing Zone Creates a Secure, Scalable AWS Foundation

AWS Migration Case Study: Major Wholesaler Grows Uptime by Refactoring eComm Apps for AWS DevOps

AWS Case Study: Developing a Tomcat Cloud Migration

AWS Migration: Investment Firm’s Trades Flow at the Speed of the Market with Flux7


For more information about achieving a successful AWS cloud migration, download our paper today, Strategies for Large-Scale Cloud Migration. And, subscribe to our DevOps blog for ongoing tips, analysis and DevOps case studies.

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