Empowering Employees to Grow Personally and Professionally

By Flux7 Labs
February 14, 2019

Empowering Employees to Grow Personally and Professionally

In a recent survey of over 70,000 developers, HackerRank found that professional growth and work-life balance are the two most important workplace considerations for developers, closely followed by interesting projects to work on. Curious by nature, and in an industry where ongoing learning is a career imperative, at Flux7 we have taken a unique approach to professional development, empowering our employees to grow personally and professionally through mentorship, ongoing team training, and the Flux7 library. 
Mentorship Initiative

At Flux7, we think it’s important to have an accountability partner that you can rely on. New employees are assigned to a Flux7 mentor within their team. This mentor initially helps guide them through daily work responsibilities and introduces them to other members of the team. While this is designed as a short-term mentorship, we’ve found that over time this relationship evolves and the designated mentor becomes a resource to answer questions and assist you.

After a new employee has had time to get to know the organization, we introduce a mentor from another team who is there to build a long-term mentorship relationship. And, employees will in turn be asked to mentor a new employee as Flux7 continues to grow. All this said, at Flux7 we have an always-on open door policy where any question or concern you might have can be addressed in Slack within minutes.

Team Retrospectives

Learning and growing is a team sport at Flux7 and as a result we encourage Team Retrospectives, in which you and your team challenge the way in which the team works. A Socratic approach to work is helpful in applying critical thinking to how things are done while drawing out ideas around if/how changes could benefit the team.

Team Training

Training is provided in both small team environments and in our monthly Flux7 all-hands meeting. For example, this month our all-hands meeting will feature training on developing and continuous improvement in the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) process. We have also learned about working with industry analysts like Gartner, paying kindness forward, and even scuba diving.

Flux7 Library

We have taken empowerment to learn in a new direction by placing it in the hands of employees. In the Flux7 library, what you want to learn and how you want to learn it is available with the click of a button. Interested in listening to The Phoenix Project on audiobook at the gym or reading a copy of Jim Collins’ Great by Choice? These and many other titles are free and available to Flux7-ites.

Moreover, at Flux7 we believe in the power of communication and sharing and have created a Book Club Slack channel. Our CTO, Ali Hussain, just posted this review of General Stanley McChrystal’s book, “Team of Teams”.

A cross between a book on agile organization design and a Tom Clancy novel

Book Review:
The book starts by framing the problem, talking about the origins of many of the hierarchical and command and control management practices we have in the world. And aligns that with the concepts of complicated vs complex, efficient vs effective, and even talks about the technology world’s second favorite military acronym VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity). He shares how the old style of management and communication completely fails to address the needs of today’s VUCA world and how the US military was completely failing in its fight against Al Qaeda in Iraq.

One thing to note as an undertone in the entire book is the amount of humbleness it took a General in the world’s largest military to not only admit their shortcomings in fighting a ragtag organization but also learning from them is impressive in itself, and you see that same humbleness in him making statements along the lines of he would have analysts come to him for an approval and while it made him feel important to have a say in the issue, he was completely dependent on the person sharing the information because he didn’t know anything more than them.

There was validation for another one of our values, Transparency, as he talked about a policy they had was, “keep sharing until you think it’s illegal”. If all of that is not enough to get you to read the book, then you should read it for the exciting action sequences with high adrenaline decisions being made by the boots on the ground, ending with the capture of the baddies.

Does empowered learning in a remote environment interest you? If so, Flux7 is growing and we’d love to have you join our team. We look to hire the best talent available, giving our customers the highest levels of expertise. We seek to exceed our customers’ expectations, which in turn continues to fuel our rapid growth. We embrace our diversity and multiculturalism that spurs collaborative innovation and ‘out of the box’ ideas.

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