Flux7 Achieves AWS Consulting Partner Recognition For Amazon Aurora

By Flux7 Labs
March 9, 2017

Today we are delighted to be recognized as having achieved AWS Service Delivery Partner status for Amazon Aurora. As you can see from the news release we issued, the AWS Service Delivery Program is designed to highlight AWS Consulting Partners who have a track record of delivering verified customer success for specific Amazon Web Services (AWS) products.

Enterprises depend upon Flux7 DevOps consulting experts for their deep Aurora expertise as part of the company’s AWS technical knowledge and best practices.  Amazon Aurora partners deliver services or solutions for Amazon Aurora, including new Aurora implementations, migrations for AWS customers to Amazon Aurora, and/or building tools compatible with Amazon Aurora.

Flux7 is known for its customer-centric cloud consulting services and its ability to build high performance, self-healing, scalable AWS solutions that enable enterprises to manage their own infrastructure for increased agility. As such, Aurora is a part of many of Flux7’s cloud computing consulting projects and rounds out best practice architectures for enterprises that seek extreme scalability, availability, and fault tolerance in their database. In fact, Amazon Aurora has been an integral part of several mission-critical ecommerce deployments by Flux7 where reliability, security, scalability and availability were non-negotiable.

For example, Rent-A-Center was looking to migrate its e-Commerce Platform in AWS. The goal was to build a resilient, high-performance, scalable, and cost effective solution in AWS. Flux7 recommended the use of Aurora in addition to AWS ECS, AWS WAF and other AWS services. Today, Aurora serves as the main backend database at RAC and as such, it needs to scale to both a large amount of data and traffic. Aurora not only is able to handle the desired scale, it is able to do so without any changes to the application because of its MySQL compatibility. Because the database is part of an ecommerce solution and will be storing financial transactions, Aurora was chosen as the platform of choice for its high availability and data durability characteristics. (Watch the re:Invent presentation here)

We also worked with a content streaming organization that owns a portfolio of online providers. This organization hosts its platform using a homegrown system that originally used MySQL as their primary database. With performance uptime a critical concern, this firm was using self-hosted databases on top of EC2 instances. Flux7 recommended the use of Aurora and helped this dynamic content provider successfully setup, configure, and migrate their databases to Aurora. Their main public facing website is using Aurora as its primary data store today.

Interested in additional reading on AWS Aurora as part of an overall best practice architecture? Flux7 database consulting services provide customers with help in their initial database selection and design choice to ensure they can meet their business objectives. We build a DevOps-friendly, repeatable process for database provisioning, configuration and management to design specification.

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