Flux7 Achieves AWS SaaS Competency Status

Flux7 Achieves AWS SaaS Competency Status

By Flux7 Labs
May 5, 2020

It delights us to announce that we have received AWS SaaS Competency status. As an APNPremier Consulting Provider, we work with dozens of customers to modernize their legacy applications in the cloud while helping others build greenfield SaaS applications. In both cases, AWS enables them to take advantage of cloud benefits like greater scalability, flexibility, security, and accessibility. 

Address Evolving Market Demands

Today’s environment is so rapidly changing that there is an acronym for it: VUCA. Volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous, VUCA epitomizes the unpredictable nature of the world today. Yet, organizations that face this uncertainty head-on with digital transformation gain greater control while providing clear benefits to their customers. For example, companies that offer SaaS applications to their customers report:

  • A decreased strain on infrastructure while providing greater scalability and availability with infrastructure as code (IaC);
  • Freedom from technical debt associated with traditional, monolithic applications.
  • The ability to give time back to their customers by removing the need to maintain and upgrade systems; 
  • When coupled with continuous delivery, SaaS providers simultaneously ensure that the latest innovation is consistently in front of their customers, growing customer satisfaction and loyalty;
  • Cost optimization as they can better align resources with peaks and valleys in customer usage;
  • And most importantly, the ability to enable new digital business models that meet evolving customer needs.

Build Cloud Foundations

Architectures and workflows that support the demands of modern applications are integral to success. As a result, we work with application development and IT teams to improve their ability to lead digital software innovation and application modernization efforts. 

With the breadth and depth of services from NTT DATA Services, we help companies accelerate cloud transformation projects, focus on innovation, and build long-term agility. We collaborate with customers to develop highly available, secure, and scalable SaaS solutions including API design, microservices architecture, and event-driven processing. 

We can help enterprises with their IT platform modernization across the software development lifecycle with:

  • Seamless migration of legacy applications to cloud-native solutions like microservices that drive resiliency and uptime; 
  • The building of test procedures to ensure the global application performs as expected;
  • Built-in security that mitigates risk with preventative, detective, and corrective controls that ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the application data and services;
  • Agile DevOps automation, API design, and event-driven processing;
  • Advanced metrics, monitoring, uptime tracking, and alerting for business goal tracking;
  • Dashboards that provide insights on application use for better decision-making;
  • Knowledge transfer that grows client skills to help design cloud foundations for SaaS products on AWS. 

By building in intelligent automation and compliance while teaching customers along the way, we help customers accelerate their projects, focus on innovation, and build long-term agility. Moreover, with our Build Cloud Foundation service, we enable customers to begin using AWS with security best-practices and self-service automation in as few as five days.  

AWS SaaS In Action

Explore how other companies have migrated, replatformed, and refactored their applications to run efficiently, securely, and cost-effectively on AWS:



Are you ready to fuel your innovation? Let us put our extensive DevOps and Security experience to work for you designing, deploying, operating, and optimizing SaaS applications on AWS.   

Learn more about our AWS SaaS offering.

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Written by Flux7 Labs

Flux7, an NTT DATA Company, is the only Sherpa on the DevOps journey that assesses, designs, and teaches while implementing a holistic solution for its enterprise customers, thus giving its clients the skills needed to manage and expand on the technology moving forward. Not a reseller or an MSP, Flux7 recommendations are 100% focused on customer requirements and creating the most efficient infrastructure possible that automates operations, streamlines and enhances development, and supports specific business goals.

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