Flux7 Achieves AWS Service Delivery Partner Status for Amazon CloudFront

By Flux7 Labs
August 15, 2017


Flux7 Achieves Amazon CloudFront Service Delivery Distinction

We are delighted to announce our recognition today as having achieved AWS Service Delivery Distinction for Amazon Cloudfront. AWS CloudFront is a preferred service by our DevOps consulting team for its  help in improving the user experience. By using the native AWS service as part of an integrated solution, we can design and build solutions that provide fast, stable and secure content delivery.

For those of you new to Amazon CloudFront, the service helps distribute content at the edge, speeding up content delivery by offering it to Web viewers from edge locations near them. By delivering cached content quickly to users, companies can effectively meet demand of internal and external customers.

CloudFront and EDF
Amazon CloudFront is part of Flux7’s best practice blueprint to speed content delivery and availability and is a good example of our DevOps methodology, the Enterprise DevOps Framework, at work. CloudFront operates within the EDF framework in both Services and the Landing Zone. If in creating a new service, the service team needs to use CloudFront, they will use a CloudFront template from the Cloud Common Library, (an internal library of AWS DevOps best practice tools, templates, and knowledge). As the individual service flows through the pipeline and lands in the Landing Zone, CloudFront becomes part of the Landing Zone itself. When AWS Web Application Firewall (AWS WAF) is used in front of CloudFront, WAF will block unapproved access to CloudFront, thereby acting as an Inspector.

CloudFront in conjunction with the EDF benefits customers looking to achieve their globalization efforts while ensuring the availability of content for consumers regardless of their location. Amazon CloudFront is part of Flux7’s AWS best practices toolchain for accelerating delivery of content,  APIs, and other web assets in pursuit of this goal. For many organizations we have drastically reduced the load on the company’s web servers, while making content delivery faster and more reliable across peaks and valleys in traffic flow.

Flux7’s work with TN Marketing is an example of an organization whose adoption of Amazon CloudFront in conjunction with AWS WAF and ELB increased its content speeds, and AWS security at less cost to the organization. Specifically, TN Marketing had a video monetization platform that needed to flawlessly support the performance demands of its clients’ high definition video streaming and support the security demands of an eCommerce site.

The DevOps team at Flux7 helped the firm setup AWS CloudFront for this organization’s client websites, in the process speeding up content delivery by offering content to Web surfers from edge locations nearest them. Users are simply routed to the location with the lowest latency, resulting in the highest performance possible. The use of AWS CloudFront’s content delivery network and caching in front of web servers decreased the server load and in turn greatly improved performance.  

You can read the full TN Marketing case study here or you may find additional Flux7 AWS Case Studies on our resource page. For ongoing AWS tips, tricks and news analysis, please subscribe to our blog.

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