Flux7 An AWS Management Tools Service Delivery Launch Partner

By Flux7 Labs
August 17, 2017

Flux7 AWS Management Tools Service Delivery Launch Partner

We are excited to bring you news today that we at Flux7 have achieved our fifth AWS Service Delivery Partner status, this time as an AWS Management Tools launch partner. (Others include AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF), AWS Service Catalog, Amazon CloudFront and Amazon Aurora.) This is an important recognition as the AWS Service Delivery Program only highlights AWS Consulting Partners who have a track record of success delivering verified customer solutions with specific AWS services. Comprised of AWS CloudFormation, Amazon EC2 Systems Manager, AWS CloudTrail and AWS Config, the AWS management tools collectively enable effective and efficient cloud operations management.

Ali Hussain, Flux7 CTO, was quoted on the AWS blog as saying, “Combined, AWS Management Tools solutions let our customers access the big advantage of cloud: the ability to provision, query and compare the current to desired state. These services allow us to easily move from an early stage proof of concept to an enterprise-ready product, adding in compliance, security, and long-term maintenance controls.”

Together the AWS Management Tools help organizations apply DevOps automation to mature their cloud operations through a virtuous cycle of added visibility and optimization that produces greater agility and control. For example, for a large manufacturer, we set up an audit and notification system using AWS serverless tools. This system provided a mechanism for continuous auditing helping the firm maintain a known, good state. When its solution moved out of this state, it was notified immediately, making it possible for remediation to be both fast and easy.

According to Tamarie Ellis, Flux7 Marketing Director, “The Management Tools Service Delivery Partner Status gives us a chance to showcase how we use AWS services in groundbreaking new ways to achieve customer advantage. For example, we increased security at a financial services company by implementing an AWS Lambda function to implement custom rules triggered from AWS Config Rules. The results of which were forwarded to Cloudwatch logs where alerts were set up on CloudWatch.”

As part of this collection of tools, AWS recently announced CloudFormation StackSets. You can find our review of this new feature here: A Review of AWS CloudFormation StackSets. According to Flux7 CEO, Aater Suleman, “StackSets presents the opportunity for significant time savings while increasing adherence to golden configurations across multiple accounts.”  Regarding AWS Config, Mr. Suleman notes, “Config rules are your laws for AWS accounts and can be used to maintain compliance and monitor activity of what dev teams do in their accounts and catch what is against corporate or standard compliance (e.g. PCI/HIPAA).” Flux7 recently published its own AWS Compliance Tutorial using AWS Config; download A Visual Guide to Configuring Top AWS Managed Config Rules today. Interested in additional reading on AWS Management Tools as part of an overall best practice architecture? Check out our library of AWS blogs.

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