Flux7 CEO Aater Suleman Presents on AWS Edge Security at AWS reInvent!

By Flux7 Labs
November 15, 2017

Flux7 CEO Aater Suleman joins re:Invent presentation on AWS Edge Security and AWS Edge Services

We are excited to announce that Flux7 CEO, Aater Suleman, will present at this year’s AWS reInvent. If your plans take you to AWS reInvent this year, we’d encourage you to attend this session in which Dr. Suleman will be joined by AWS’ Tom Witman, Head of BD, Edge/Security, and Shawn Marck, Systems Development Manager, to presentLiving on the Edge, It’s Safer Than You Think! Building Strong with Amazon CloudFront, AWS Shield and AWS WAF.”

Specifically, in this session, they’ll talk about securing the cloud and how AWS Shield Advanced can keep applications up during a DDoS attack. The premise of the session is that a company’s application was just hit with a DDoS attack. AWS presenters will share the results of the attack and how the AWS DDoS Response Team (DRT) handles it from detection to mitigation, keeping the company online. Attendees will watch as the speakers simulate the attack and the response so you can see how AWS handles these events behind the scenes.  

Building on this real world scenario, Mr. Suleman will share how you can construct the best security playbook and ensure your team is prepared, as based on Flux7’s experience building secure AWS solutions for organizations like TN Marketing, Rent-A-Center, and more.

Through these customer stories, Dr. Suleman will share why and how Flux7 helped deploy AWS WAF as part of the customer’s AWS migration, the rule sets used, and to which events they are designed to respond. As part of a sophisticated edge network and security by design system, AWS WAF automation can be used seamlessly with CloudFront. For example, Flux7’s work with TN Marketing will illustrate how Amazon CloudFront can be used in conjunction with AWS WAF and ELB to increase AWS security (and content speeds) at less cost to the organization.

This breakout session (CTD310) will be held November 29th at 11:30 at the Venetian Level3 Lido 3006.

We are excited that this is the fourth consecutive year that either Flux7 or one of our customers have been featured at AWS reInvent. If you have plans to attend the show and would like the opportunity to catch up with one of our engineers, drop us a line at sales@flux7.com. We’d love to catch up, give you our take on AWS reInvent announcements at the show and share what’s new at Flux7, AWS premier consulting partner. Can’t make it to reInvent, but curious what we’re up to? Please subscribe to our blog through the button below or read background on the case studies we’ll be sharing:

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