Flux7 CEO, Aater Suleman, to Present at IT Roadmap

By Flux7 Labs
November 13, 2017

Flux7 CEO to Present at IT Roadmap on DevOps Transformation

IT Roadmap is a series of one-day events held across the country to encourage IT leaders to discuss technologies and strategies to manage and digitize the enterprise. Specifically, IDG has established this road show to encourage technology leaders to discover the latest in dynamic infrastructure, cloud, data, agile methods, security, DevOps methodology and more.

We are happy to announce that Flux7 CEO, Aater Suleman, has been invited to present at this year’s IT Roadmap session in Fort Worth, TX. Specifically, he will be sharing the stage with Karla Nussbaumer, Director of Technical Marketing at 8×8, and Jacek Materna, CTO at Assembla, to discuss transformation in the enterprise. Mr. Suleman will discuss the changing relationship between the IT team and development team as DevOps best practices emerge. And the story of two companies who used the latest technologies and DevOps model to transform:

  • Rent-A-Center  actively embraced DevOps agility and pursued a cycle of continuous improvement. They created a team dedicated to rolling out DevOps processes and infrastructure to grow their agility and ability to more dynamically service their customers. They actively worked with the DevOps team at Flux7 to apply DevOps processes and learn how to effectively manage them moving forward. In working with Rent-A-Center on its DevOps initiative, we were able to design and build the first-ever Dockerized, AWS auto scaling SAP Hybris solution. In applying the knowledge transfer skills and best practices themselves, Rent-A-Center saw clear business results. Over nine million people visited the ecommerce site over Black Friday. This was a 42% increase in traffic that was serviced without missing a beat.

  • A worldwide media company that instituted a secure sandbox approach to its AWS migration. This company had two important goals. First, its IT team wanted to allow developers from the company’s business units to cultivate ideas how AWS could help their efforts by giving them a space to explore the platform. All without creating barriers to entry for the team, e.g. requiring them to learn how to work with infrastructure as code, templates, and more. Second, they wanted to do so while imposing security standards. Rather than building completely isolated sandboxes, we took an approach where we built a “governed” sandbox, the middle ground between a fully managed, governed environment and a completely isolated, unmanaged, and ungoverned environment. The result was a governed sandbox environment that provided agility with security and the ultimate testing ground for which applications to replatform.

Join the session at the Fort Worth Convention Center on the main stage at 12:15 on Wednesday, November 15th. Or come talk to us at Booth #107. You can find additional details and register to attend here:www.eiseverywhere.com/ehome/itr-fort-worth/ The IT Roadmap Conference & Expo is free-of-charge to qualified network and IT professionals who register in advance as determined by IDG Enterprise.

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