Flux7 CEO’s High-Flying Ride: His Thoughts on Cloud Advantages & AWS re:Invent

By Flux7 Labs
November 4, 2014

As I’m flying from Austin, the home of Flux7, to the Silicon Valley, my immediate thoughts are honed in on the session I’m sharing this week at the Internet of Things Expo in Santa Clara. I’ll be discussing how Docker helped our client Horan & Bird quickly advance the development of its IoT app. It’s a really good story. And one I hope you have a chance to hear at the conference.

But, as my jet mates and I soar above the clouds over Nevada, my thoughts are also wandering to other significant events, both recent and upcoming.

Changing Mindset of Cloud Migration

Turbulence aside, I’m pondering the great turnout we had a couple of weeks ago at the Cloud Austin meetup. 

What a great event. I want to thank Karthik and the other organizers for supporting and leading such a growing group of savvy techies always yearning for more and more.

I presented to members there on how web development teams can become more efficiently productive using Amazon Web Services. I shared my AWS crash course and some real-world scenarios that have helped shape our way of thinking and cloud architecture. We focused on how the mindset about cloud migration is changing for both developers and managers.

Bring Great Ideas to Market with Cloud Advantages

Then, that leads me to thinking about our recent announcement. The one exclaiming the availability of Cloud Attune, a part of a three-pronged service that starts with an AWS assessment and ends with you self-managing your cloud infrastructure. We designed this service to help businesses get the functionality they need, without getting locked into managed service contracts.

Cloud Attune is our new service setup between an AWS assessment and your self-management that focuses on helping businesses using or moving to AWS to build infrastructure frameworks … those that leverage the automation, security and scalability built into AWS web services. The idea is to develop their infrastructure into a production-ready environment that meets their business needs, including high scalability, workflow optimization and compliance.

What we are ultimately doing is helping organizations grow and maintain competitiveness by creating cloud infrastructure that will minimize risk and increase business agility. It’s also a way to meet new opportunities while postponing hiring specialized staff.

One of our clients, Pristine — a company pioneering Google Glass solutions for healthcare, is already touting the cloud benefits after building its cloud infrastructure. Pristine’s optimized infrastructure is helping it to:

  • increase the speed of its overall product development.

  • meet a number of short-term business opportunities.

  • improve business agility for the long-term by improving time to market.

Essentially, with Cloud Attune, our services are ideal for businesses wanting to optimize an existing cloud solution to better scale … to be more cost efficient … to even meet compliance requirements. These organizations need solutions that minimize risk and foster growth.

And we are delivering access at a clear, simple price so these early-stage companies can bring great ideas to market with cloud advantages.

AWS re:Invent 2014

Finally, all of this takes me on a vapor trail that leads next week to the third annual AWS re:Invent (Nov. 11 – 14) in Las Vegas. (This will be our second re:Invent. Last year, we earned an honorable mention for one of our earlier products.

This year, our efforts are on educating everyone about AWS and expanded cloud services, focusing on the many startups that will be in attendance. Our team will be talking about:

  • creating a production-ready environment

  • improving developer productivity and self-service

  • maintaining security and compliance

  • creating self-managing frameworks through automation

In other words, the benefits of Cloud Attune and some cloud-based startup tips.

The Flux7 team is looking forward to not only sharing our experiences but taking in so many of the challenges others are dealing with, then thinking about viable, valuable and affordable solutions using the cloud. We anticipate some spirited conversations not only about AWS, but also Docker and IoT.

So come visit us next week at AWS re-Invent 2014 … especially if business agility is at or near the top of your priority list. Stop by booth #132 and visit Blacklight Solutions, a partner of ours that works with the Fortune 50 to provide big data solutions to enterprises. There you can enter to win our drawing for a Quadcopter. The winner will be announced at re:Invent.

Here’s to flying high above the clouds.