Flux7 Conducts Free AWS Well-Architected Reviews to Assess for Workload Health

By Flux7 Labs
June 5, 2018


Flux7 Offers Free AWS Well Architected Review

As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, we’re excited to share with you today that we are now conducting AWS Well-Architected Reviews for one workload in your IT infrastructure, at no cost. Flux7 will help apply the new AWS Well-Architected framework to ensure your cloud architects are building the most secure, high-performing, resilient and efficient workload as possible, as based on AWS best-practices and our experience with over 300 enterprise AWS DevOps projects.

What is the Well-Architected Framework?

The AWS Well-Architected Framework is a codification of AWS best practices across five areas: security, reliability, operational excellence, performance efficiency, and cost optimization. Until now, cloud architecture lacked a standardized set of best practices which could result in a “pet” (vs. herd) mentality which in turn creates systems that are more error-prone, and more difficult to troubleshoot, creating longer problem resolution times. While DevOps aims to free us from a pet mentality from a process perspective, the AWS Well-Architected Framework guidance helps us achieve this goal from the technology side.

Applying AWS Well-Architected Best Practices

Flux7 marries the best practices of the AWS Well-Architected Framework with its deep AWS DevOps experience to help you effectively compare your workload against AWS best practices, giving you concrete guidance on areas of remediation in order to produce stable and efficient systems so you can focus on functional requirements.

Most architectures contain risk; the AWS Well-Architected review process allows you to understand these risks and improve your architecture by addressing any issues. Specifically, the steps Flux7 takes in its AWS Well-Architected Framework review include:

A thorough review of your chosen workload — we recommend a mission-critical or invest, workload. This 1-day analysis is conducted remotely as it allows us to start faster with greater agility throughout the process. (For more on this, read our blog, The Advantages of Remote Delivery.)

A full remediation report that illustrates how your architecture measures against the five AWS Well-Architected best practice pillars, highlighting any places where the architecture would benefit from remediation.

In a remediation report review, the Flux7 DevOps team will not only share what remediation it recommends but also coach your team as to why these changes will benefit your organization. Known for our focus on teaching customers to fish, we are firm believers in helping our customers advance the stability, security, and flexibility of their architectures for both the short- and long-term.

For example, while drift is bound to happen, we recommend two distinct steps to our customers:

Use AWS services to ensure your systems stay in a known, good state. For example, AWS Config can help you continuously audit your AWS resource configurations to ensure that they stay in compliance with policy. Or, when available, AWS CloudFormation Drift Detection will help make you aware of changes made outside of CloudFormation to resources managed by CloudFormation, making it possible to be confident that the changeset that CloudFormation wants to execute actually matches the changes that will occur.

Regular Well-Architected reviews — we recommend you conduct them every quarter or half-year depending on the criticality of the workload — will help ensure that your AWS architecture performs optimally across security, operations and more.

The AWS Consulting team here at Flux7 is excited to now offer AWS Well-Architected Framework reviews as it will help organizations lower risk, build and deploy systems faster, empower smarter business choices, and bring important learning along the way. When coupled with Flux7’s extensive AWS best-practice experience and automated code templates from more than 300 enterprise DevOps projects, organizations are bound to have better outcomes and faster delivery.

Get Started at No Cost

Submit a workload to Flux7 today to learn how to start incorporating the five AWS best-practice pillars every time you create technology solutions. Incorporate these pillars to help you design and operate stable and efficient systems, allowing you to focus on more strategic business priorities. Contact us here to learn more about getting started.