Flux7: Creating Corporate Culture One Hire at a Time

By Flux7 Labs
October 25, 2018

Creating Corporate Culture One Hire at a TimeFlux7 never set out to be a traditional company. From its inception, founders Aater Suleman and Ali Hussain knew they wanted to place a priority on corporate culture. Their goal: to create an environment where innovation, transparency, and humbleness would be key drivers in how everyone went about their work, regardless of role. Five years later, corporate culture remains a driving force at Flux7, and the company focuses on reinforcing these values with each new hire.

Embracing a Team-Based Approach

Flux7 maintains a strong focus on hiring those individuals who embrace a team-based approach to their work. We actively seek employees who truly believe that there is always something to learn; lone wolf type individuals have not been compatible in terms of company fit and accordingly, the selection process specifically targets questions that assess a candidate’s work style.

As a fully remote company, we particularly prize the ability to communicate openly. We value people who are available and responsive while at work, accept and incorporate feedback easily, and have a sincere interest in contributing to continuous improvement efforts.

An Agile Organizational Structure

Flux7’s success has translated into the need to scale to meet new business and is a reality not only for the PeopleOps team that is tasked with finding great talent, but for the company itself in how it moves forward to support a flat organization that does not hinder autonomy or authority in how teams go about their work. The draw to more traditional structures is an easy-out; what makes Aater and Ali stand out is their commitment to empowering Flux7-ites to do what needs to be done, with as little red tape as possible.  

Flux7’s Agile DNA

Agile supports Flux7’s core values of innovation, transparency, and humbleness. Let’s take them one-by-one:

Recognizing that there is always room for improvement is a prerequisite to learning, which makes humbleness our most critical value. At Flux7, our Agile Teams exhibit humility to create a safe, welcoming ecosystem that is the genesis for trust and continuous improvement.


Innovation is central to addressing every challenge, technical or non-technical. Flux7 employees continuously ask, “how can I/we do this better?” and share those ideas with others. We also seek to never settle for mediocrity — whether it be a process or a technology.


Our employees embrace the idea that nothing great is ever done in a silo, and as a result, we share information proactively. Everyone owns their decisions and are always ready to share the rationale behind them if anyone asks. At Flux7, the single biggest determinant of individual success is the amount of transparent dialog they have with the rest of the team. Indeed, we have a corporate culture where it’s okay (and encouraged) to ask the CEO or the CTO anything as the focus is on continuous improvement.

A key to our success is that Agile is in our DNA. While we aren’t interested in recreating the wheel, our goal is to reuse proven patterns from highly regarded thought leaders in the Agile Community. We couple these proven patterns with a repeatable, pragmatic approach to produce exceptional results and extremely satisfied customers.

Creating a Wow! Experience

Directly linked to our core values and Agile DNA is our ability to consistently wow customers. Agile allows us to create innovative solutions by implementing automation and advanced services via our Enterprise DevOps Framework for the benefit of our customers. Moreover, our focus on frequent inspection embodies transparency which has greatly contributed to understanding the “why” behind what we do, resulting in greater success for our customers.

We like to think of ourselves as an extension of our customer’s team, a strong focus on Flux7’s prized competencies in client engagements has resulted in some of the happiest customers in the business. Don’t take our word for it: Flux7 has been named Best AWS Consulting Partner for three years running by Modern Infrastructure magazine, as based on customer reviews.

If these values resonate with you, and you are interested in being part of Flux7 where we look to empower teams to realize their full potential, please check our Careers page. We look forward to hearing from you!

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