Flux7 Labs Spot Virtual Meetup

By admin
January 10, 2014

At Flux7 Labs, as part of our consulting, we found ourselves solving the same problems in cost and performance optimization for our clients. We have productized some of these learnings into our product VyScale. A major feature of VyScale is its management of spot instances. We have been working closely with users of spot instances and Amazon to come up with strategies to use spot instances. As part of that, today, we hosted a Hangout on spot instances. The idea was to get people out from working in silos and offering a platform to share knowledge and ideas.

Compute As A Utility

Our CEO, Aater Suleman, guided the discussion. He referenced the following Youtube video by Stephen Fry in which Stephen compares the cloud to power plants replacing individual generators at factories and spurring the industrial revolution. Aater envisioned that spot instances are the natural next step to the process. The need for spot instances is the same as the need for variable pricing in the energy market. Both these markets have a variable demand while having the expenses fixed. Therefore spot instances or a variable pricing scheme is something that all providers will need to eventually add as it solves a real problem.