Flux7 looks forward to the AWS Summit 2014

By Flux7 Labs
March 21, 2014

It seems like only yesterday that Aater and I were in Las Vegas immersed in the Amazon Web Services re:Invent experience. AWS re:Invent was an incredibly well run conference featuring pertinent and informative sessions. Participants comprised a variety of cloud users, from decision makers to the feet-on-the-ground folks, from those just dipping their toes to those managing massive clusters. It was a rich learning experience and a wonderful networking opportunity. Flux7 Labs received an honorable mention for VyScale, our spot optimization solution, at the Spotathon, and we’ve since made several sales since then. And now it’s already time for the AWS Summit in San Francisco.

A lot has happened at Flux7 between times. Our consulting side has narrowed its focus to helping companies bring DevOps workflows to their organizations. We’ve created a reference architecture for a highly productive workflow for a startup creating a website using Ruby on Rails. The workflow includes config automation using Chef, continuous integration and deployment using Jenkins, and creation and management of a faithfully recreated development environment using Docker. We’ve also been sharing many of our discoveries on the Flux7 blog. In addition, we’ve begun handling more long term projects for large enterprises, although our bread and butter remains small and medium businesses. Most important, we’ve expanded our team and have been working quickly to get AWS certification for our engineers.

As an evolving company, we’re excited to attending this year’s Summit. Our first goal is to network with other AWS users and to learn about the kinds of problems others are facing. This will be essential for determining which direction we want to move the company. By understanding common challenges in the field, we’ll be better able to deliver solutions that people need.

In addition, we’re looking forward to learning about innovative solutions others have been developing, and to working with them to establish best practices and engage with the community more effectively. There will be several interesting sessions, especially regarding best practices in enterprise, and I’m extremely excited to attend.

If you’re going to the AWS Summit in San Francisco on the 26th and are interested in talking, please email us at info@flux7.com or on twitter at @flux7labs or @Ali_A_Hussain.