Flux7 Presents An Introduction to AWS DevOps

By Flux7 Labs
October 3, 2017

Flux7 Presents An Introduction to AWS DevOps

Join Flux7 CEO, Aater Suleman, next Monday, October 9th from 12:00pm – 3:00pm (ET) as he presents an “An Introduction to DevOps with AWS: How to Design, Deploy, and Manage a DevOps Workflow in AWS” as part of the O’Reilly live, online training series.

Designed for attendees who have a basic familiarity with the ideas and concepts of DevOps and AWS environments, Mr. Suleman will walk through what DevOps is, how to design and deploy infrastructure as code within your AWS environment, and will walk attendees through a sample working AWS DevOps.

In this session, you will learn how DevOps unites cultural philosophies, practices, and tools to increase an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity; speeding time to market and stabilizing operating environments to drive innovation and quality. AWS provides the opportunity to create highly automated workflows, making it an ideal platform for implementing DevOps best practices. In this course, Aater Suleman provides an overview of how to create a fully-automated DevOps workflow on AWS, leveraging advanced AWS best practices and tools. Through hands-on exercises you’ll learn how to to create a DevOps workflow using AWS CloudFormation.

Click here to learn more and to register. If you are in need of additional DevOps and AWS background, we recommend the following reading to delve further into how you can effectively adopt DevOps in your organization:

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