Flux7 Selected as AWS Migration Competency Program Partner

By Flux7 Labs
June 15, 2016


Enterprises are migrating critical infrastructure to AWS at increasingly rapid rates and seeking to partner with experts to help speed migrations and reduce the risks of adopting this new technology. Late last week AWS announced its official migration competency partners and Flux7 is on the list, chosen for our deep experience and proven ability in helping businesses move successfully to AWS.

AWS competency partners reflect the needs of enterprises with partners who’ve demonstrated technical proficiency and customer success across specialized solution and vertical areas. Some partners, for example, are large global systems integrators able to dedicate large teams to assist with migrating hundreds of apps. Others are specialists, like us.

Our approach is to help enterprises establish the foundation, skills and resources to migrate applications on their own terms. (You can download our datasheet on this topic for even more information.) Sometimes this starts with a POC on an application such as a CRM, and sometimes an organization is ready to embrace broad-scale migrations.

Each migration is unique, though we’ve found common patterns that help us to quickly design architectures that include common foundational services and accommodate the needs of different applications and workloads.

For example, our AWS architecture experts helped a global organization better meet its customer needs through a phased migration process determined by its global regions, customer readiness and internal resource constraints. The group, an arts and entertainment company, provides its customers with specialized technical software solutions, services and consulting. The group needed to migrate 800+ legacy servers to AWS and enable a global platform for ticket sales. The enterprise’s IT operations goals included a reduction in management overhead along with increased availability and decreased downtime.

Our Flux7 AWS consultants worked with key stakeholders in the enterprise to establish the business and technical needs, quickly audit business processes and security, and collect all data necessary to design the architectural patterns that would address the customer’s unique needs.

The solution relied heavily on automation and used AWS CloudFormation Templates that allowed the enterprise’s IT department to rapidly create the infrastructure needed to migrate its internal customer applications in various batch sizes.

The enterprise’s focus revolved around its ability to efficiently support customer’s IT needs. With the help of Flux7 consultants, this company was able to implement a process to help their customers directly manage their migrations balancing resources to ensure no disruption of day to day services occurred.

Learn more about our AWS migration services here. Or contact us to discuss how we can provide a solution to meet your unique migration requirements.


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