Flux7 Wins 2015 Modern Impact Awards, Best AWS Consulting Partner

By Flux7 Labs
January 20, 2015

Customers cite knowledge and responsiveness as key factors in deployments

Austin, TX (PRWEB) January 20, 2015

Flux7, an IT consulting firm helping businesses use Amazon Web Services to improve business agility, today announced the company has won the 2015 Modern Impact Awards, Best AWS Consulting Partner. The editors of TechTarget’s Data Center Media Group note the company’s skills are especially prized when it comes to automation and scripting, as well as big data analytics. Unlike many IT services organizations, Flux7 has achieved rapid growth during 2014. The growth is due in large part to a strong demand from organizations seeking to build new or expand on existing AWS infrastructure with the aim of accelerating their cloud projects with short-term consulting from experienced cloud architects. MI_Impact-WINNER_Best_AWS_Consultant+Integration_Partner_2015

“Our primary focus on customer success has paid off,” said Aater Suleman, Flux7 CEO and co-founder. “As a practice, we always do what it takes to ensure that the customer’s project succeeds. It’s inspiring for the Flux7 team that this focus is appreciated by our customers as shown through the course of our work with them and the awards process. And, this resonates with our efforts to meet our customers’ goals, improve their productivity, and bring some really amazing solutions to market.”

Flux7 solutions help organizations to own their IT, avoiding managed services contracts. By using DevOps and automation strategies, Flux7 creates self-managing and self-healing environments, optimizing AWS infrastructure and training internal IT teams to manage their own infrastructure.

Flux7 won in the category of “Best AWS Consultant or Integration Partner” of the 2015 Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards. This category was open to consultants and integration partners helping enterprise customers with strategic planning, including cost realization, step-by-step application identification and migration, and other services related to Amazon Web Services. Winners in this category and others were announced January 12, 2015, and will appear in a special issue of Modern Infrastructure. The awards were judged by Modern Infrastructure e-zine editorial staff, in conjunction with users, readers and industry experts.

“The enthusiastic response we’ve received from our customers and influencers in the cloud and DevOps communities demonstrates that a gap has existed in the IT services market for strategic, on-demand AWS infrastructure experts,” Suleman said. “Savvy enterprises, startups and investors know that establishing the right infrastructure and automation can provide a competitive advantage. With cloud architecture skills in high demand, businesses are looking for outsourced help that will get them up to speed without tying them up in long-term contracts.”

During 2014, Flux7 strategically invested in partnerships and hiring to round out its engineering and business teams to meet market demands, in particular for the burgeoning interest in Internet of Things (IoT) as well as the healthcare and life sciences industries.

“As we grow and expand into new areas of technology, we are also investing in our engineering team, maintaining a high level of AWS certification,” said Ali Hussain, Flux7 CTO and co-founder. “We will continue to hire strategically. However, by us also using DevOps processes, we’re increasing the productivity of our team and have been able to add a significant amount of business without a corresponding increase in headcount.”

Flux7 is a Docker Foundation Partner, and co-presented a case study of an enterprise Docker deployment at the inaugural Docker user group.

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About Flux7
Austin-based Flux7 is an AWS Advanced Consulting partner helping businesses realize and optimize the benefits of technology by using DevOps processes and full- stack expertise. Our agile team delivers specialist development skills, architecture and operations knowledge to accelerate an IT team’s progress toward achieving business agility using best practices in continuous delivery and integration. Through a unique blend of services and products, we provide high-quality solutions that directly address the challenges faced by CIOs and IT teams to achieve short-term results with long-term benefits. With decades of combined industry experience, best practices and industry benchmarks, our team is committed to creating sustainable, reliable solutions. For more information about us, visit flux7.com. To learn more now, email us at info@flux7.com or call us at +1.844-Flux-700. To get the latest news and trends, go to blog.flux7.com/; like us at facebook.com/flux7Labs; follow us at twitter.com/flux7Labs; and connect with us at linkedin.com/company/flux7-labs.

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