Flux7’s VyScale Application Earns Honorable Mention at re:Invent 2013

By Flux7 Labs
January 24, 2014

Press Release

January 24, 2014—Austin, TX—Flux7, a solutions company offering cloud optimization products, cloud consulting and implementation, specializing in DevOps and AWS development services, for small businesses through Fortune 500 corporations, today announces that its VyScale spot strategy solution—the only one of its kind on the cloud market—recently earned honorable mention in a competition sponsored by Amazon Web Services [AWS]. Judges of the second annual contest shortlisted droves of applicants to reveal the top six, naming Flux7’s VyScale among them last November at AWS re:Invent 2013, considered the largest gathering of developers and technical leaders from the AWS community.

“We received many impressive applications making this year’s competition even harder to judge than last year’s. There were many sophisticated and novel uses of spot instances, and VyScale was among them, “ wrote Stephen A. Elliott, Senior Product Manager, AWS Elastic Compute Cloud [EC2], to Aater Suleman, CEO, Flux7. “Given how tight the competition was, we congratulate you on your honorable mention!”

Suleman first learned of the award at the AWS re:Invent developers conference, and was quite happy with the result. He showed that, overall, VyScale provides more than 60 percent in reduced costs without the need for human intervention, installations or access to sensitive data. VyScale, now in closed beta with paying customers, seamlessly combines the cost savings of spot instances with the reliability of reserved and on-demand instances by using smart placement, instance selection and AI-based prediction.

“VyScale is an application that’s the result of our team’s extensive research and expertise in cloud consulting,” Suleman said. “It’s the only spot-strategy-as-a-service product on the market that delivers key strategies for the AWS spot marketplace and solutions for scaling and disaster recovery. It’s built to optimize performance and cut costs up to 60 percent.”

Amazon set up the competition—known as the EC2 Spotathon—to publicly recognize some of the most exciting applications of EC2 spot instances, assessing each submission based on the cost savings, performance benefits, and compute scale achieved on spot, as well as the overall elegance of the solution.

“The VyScale solution developed by Flux7 is a really cool machine-learning algorithm that identifies how to launch spot at the lowest possible price,” said Dave Ward, Senior Manager of Product & Engineering, Amazon EC2, when he announced the competition winners at AWS re-Invent 2013 in Las Vegas. “It was a really creative way of analyzing the price history and coming up with the ideal place to launch, and when to launch it.”

When submitting his entry, Suleman described a recent implementation of an in-house spot strategy at Yactraq Online Inc., a British Columbia, Canada-based media company that helps web video and audio publishers monetize their content. Flux7’s objective was to utilize VyScale to optimize price and performance for Yactraq. To that end, the VyScale integration with Yactraq, after successfully processing more than 60-million seconds of video, lowered the on-demand price by 80 percent, compared to a 64 percent overall savings previously. Furthermore, for Yactraq customers to get low prices, the company was able to minimize its computing costs using VyScale. Flux7’s spot strategy makes it financially feasible for Yactraq to provide high performance at a lower cost.

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