G6 Hospitality Leads Business Transformation with Cloud First Strategy

By Flux7 Labs
October 11, 2018

At G6 Hospitality, it is their mission is to build on the iconic heritage of their brands — Motel 6 and Studio 6 — to become the universally recognized leader in economy lodging. G6 Hospitality operates its business with the drive and creativity of an entrepreneur, guided by a heart that’s dedicated to hospitality and service.

Striving to continuously reinvent the economy lodging category while remaining 100 percent committed to delivering a great experience, G6 Hospitality challenged itself to a major transformation of its technology platforms. Named IT 2.0, the program has three succinct goals, including to be cloud-first in its technology approach, to increase the ‘option value’ of the G6 Hospitality technology platforms, and to increase the speed of its technology platforms. Designed to address the rapidly changing landscape of the hospitality space, IT 2.0 is focused on increasing G6 Hospitality’s responsiveness, connectivity, and mobile-friendliness.

Read the full story of the G6 IT 2.0 program and Flux7 here.


G6 Hospitality IT 2.0 and Flux7

G6 Hospitality EVP and CIO, Jessie Burgess, knew that both planning and creating strategic partnerships were imperative to a successful IT 2.0 implementation. The IT 2.0 program was designed first with the business in mind; the planning process proactively identified business needs and then, working from that foundation, mapped out how technology could best support those needs.

From the identified corporate initiatives, the G6 Hospitality technology team made several technology environment decisions, from which they began looking for a cloud services integrator partner who could help build the core components of its re-envisioned technology platform in the AWS cloud.

G6 Hospitality chose AWS Premier Consulting Partner Flux7 to help support its transition as both teams had a similar strategy of how to approach and attain the IT 2.0 program goals.

According to Jessie Burgess, “our team is doing the important work today to keep the lights on and the business running. They can’t simultaneously do this and be dedicated to a project of this magnitude. While in the building phase, we need people who are one hundred percent dedicated to the project, and that’s where the Flux7 team — and their AWS experience — came in.”

Flux7’s deep AWS expertise allowed them to hit the ground running as they joined the G6 Hospitality team. Through a structured transition plan, it taught the G6 Hospitality team how to use, maintain, and extend the new systems.


Growing Option Value

G6 Hospitality embraces the idea of Option Value, the concept of moving from an older, inflexible platform that may have technology and architectural limits, to a newer, more advanced platform with merits like flexibility–driven through innovation and best practices.

One such example of how G6 Hospitality has grown its option value is its property management system. The company moved from a traditional on-premise, server-based, hub and spoke architecture solution that required highly customized PCs and several disparate peripherals behind the front desk to the all-new, cloud-based HotelKey property management system. G6 Hospitality has also made significant progress in retiring its legacy Central Reservations System platform, being replaced by the advanced AWS cloud-based Distributed Reservations System with AboveProperty.



A big benefit touted by the company is the lowered cost of experimentation. Now due to the flexibility of the AWS cloud platform, the G6 Hospitality team is able to explore and test new business initiatives faster and with less risk. And, with its agile scrum approach, the team is also able to subsequently innovate, build, and test faster — with less cost. Changes that took several months before can now take just a couple of weeks.

With its fine-grained microservices architecture, G6 Hospitality is able to move more quickly today and will be able to change more quickly in the future. As Mr. Burgess points out, the speed of business and technology is moving so quickly that the team needs to build innovative systems today and an agile platform that can extend to support future, still undefined needs. Flux7’s experience contributed to G6 Hospitality’s ability to achieve both goals, innovating for today and extending toward tomorrow.