How is Flux7 leveraging the AWS price cuts

By Flux7 Labs
April 1, 2014

At Flux7, we are hosting all our large multi-GB files on S3 already so we are seeing the benefit. Additionally, we use c3 instances wherever possible thus allowing us to leverage these new cuts. In this post, we’ll discuss what you need to do for leveraging the AWS price cuts.

Here is a before and after bill for Flux7’s AWS account for your reference.


We currently use S3 for saving a 5 GB VM and a few smaller files. The savings will be in cents.

It is important to note that there are multiple ways to leverage these savings for us. One way is to take the savings in cost and save $114/month. Alternatively, we have the option to upscale our operations and apply these savings towards having higher Dev and Ops productivity and better experience on our internal applications. Actually, our plan is to apply these savings towards achieving 30-40% higher performance on all our workloads rather than realizing the $114/month in savings.

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To achieve this, we will likely make the following changes:

1. t1.micro will be replaced by m1.small instances.

Reason: t1.micro are cheap but they are variable performance. Consequently, if an Ops guy is logged and working interactively, they will experience significant slowdowns in running some commands. This delay lowers productivity. We will be moving away from t1.micros.

2. m1.medium and m1.large will be switched to c3.large and c3.xlarge respectively.

Reason: These instances run our internal applications and this is a good opportunity for us to improve their performance without increasing our monthly spend. It helps the non-technical staff as well as developers.

After the changes, our Bill will look at follows:


Not every AWS account we manage needs a similar approach. Some are already running on top of the line instances for high performance. The following is the before-and-after of a few of our existing clients to shed some light on what kind of price changes different companies are going to see. It seems as if our client will be savings tens of thousands of dollar per month.


Overall, at Flux7, we will be making recommendations to our clients on how they can maximize the benefit they get from this price reduction; whether it be in terms of savings of translating these savings into improved performance.

Please comment below and share the kind of savings you are getting on your AWS infrastructure.